TRU Sustainability updates Green Guide Challenge

Take the challenge and the steps closer to living a more sustainable lifestyle

TRU Green Guide is a model that is designed to help TRU students have a sustainable lifestyle at home and on campus where students will have the opportunity to win many prizes.

The challenge consists of nine areas of sustainability where if you do three of them you are eligible to win a prize. However, if a student does all nine-sustainability action areas then your name gets put in the draw for the Grand Prize of either an electric scooter or a TRU tuition credit each worth $500 and many more great prizes.

To participate in the challenge kindly visit the TRU Sustainable Office Green Guide Challenge website where you will have to fill the form with your name, mytru email, program of study and the reason you would like to participate in this challenge. Someone from the Sustainability office or the Sustainability Student ambassador will then contact you.

Water is one of the sustainable action areas to conserve water, TRU has the Fill-it-Forward program and has the award-winning Kamloops Center for Water Quality. Join the Fill-it-Forward program grab a sticker from the sustainability office and you win weekly swags. The prize of this action is a stainless-steel water bottle.

The second action is transportation use active or alternative transformation methods to get to campus. Doing this step is crucial is it help omit the poisonings carbon monoxide gases from the atmosphere. For example, walk if the distance is close. As a TRU student, you get the benefit of using the transit an unlimited number of times. The sustainability office in a PowerPoint presentation mentions that “leaving your car home one day per week, can reduce your carbon dioxide by 0.5 per cent tons per year that’s a lot!” The prize is a reflector safety tag or three Kamloops BC Transit bus tickets.

Printing and IT has different effects on paper production including deforestation, the use of enormous amounts of energy and water as well as air pollution and waste problems causing 26 per cent of landfill waste. Therefore, print efficiently, think twice before printing, and if possible save it on software instead of hardware.

Try to get involved with the Sustainability team and learn more about being a sustainable human being. You can apply to be a sustainable ambassador, take a course at TRU related to sustainability or apply for a Sustainability Grant to improve TRU’s operational environmental performance.

Everything we need for our long-term survival depends directly on the environment. We need to act in a smart, and sustainable way to preserve the environment from being damaged. 

For more information consider emailing the Environmental Programs and Research Coordinator