AWT brings Fight Girl Battle World to the stage

TRU performers take the stage with an action-filled play that wows the audience

Come out and support the TRU Actors Workshop for their take on the adrenaline-packed Fight Girl Battle World. This play will give you an inside look at the talented performers of our university.

Fight Girl Battle World tells the story of a heroic human’s quest to save the human race with the help of a charismatic robot and a team of mentors. Needless to say, the play takes place in a galaxy far, far away. The TRU version of the performance is directed by TRU Theatre Coordinator Robin Nichol.

Aleliia Ovcharenko takes on the challenging role of E-V, the last human female on earth. While this is her first performance with TRU, she demonstrated her talent in catching the audience’s attention for all her scenes. Ovcharenko worked alongside Greg Brown who plays General Dan’h Madrin, Heidi Wismath playing J’an Jah the general’s sidekick, the charismatic LC-4 played by Rem Murray and the last male human Adon-R portrayed by Lukas Vanderlip. Vanderlip also plays the characters of Gary the Tingarian and Chindor the Akitomi.

The rest of the cast consists of Emma Pettitt, Megan Mckinlay, Colleen Gibney, Lucas Lochrie and Brandon Reid.

From the start, the play is filled with action. The audience goes back and forth from E-V’s storyline to General Dan’h trying to find her and the enemies trying to destroy her. This makes the performance go by fast and fills the public with excitement. The dynamic between the actors is amazing from start to finish and really shows the hard work of everyone involved.

The play is packed with sarcasm and humour, making the serious undertone of the story more lighthearted. The fight scenes are perfectly choreographed with some takes being in slow motion which added to the top tear acting of the performers.

The props of this show do an amazing job of placing the audience in a faraway galaxy. The poppets included in the play were the perfect comical addition.

The lighting designer, Liam Befurt made sure that the attention of the audience was right where it needed to be on a two-floor stage. The actors also went around the surroundings of the stage never allowing the public to take their eyes off them.

The hidden gem of this play was the soundtrack which varied from Queen to Doja Cat adding to the humour of the production and keeping the public laughing.

For those not wanting to miss out on this incredible production, tickets can be found at the box office at Old Main from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm. It can also be accessed online via the link on AWT’s Instagram page.

The production began on March 2 and will continue until March 12 at the Actors Workshop Theatre located in Old Main.

Covid restrictions are still in place. Masks are required during the duration of the play, and proof of vaccination with a valid ID will be asked at the entrance to ensure the safety of everyone attending.