Renew your closet with ‘Swap Till’ You Drop’

The Wellness Centre hosts clothing swap to encourage textile sustainability

The Wellness Center is hosting a clothing swap on Wednesday, Mar 2nd from 11:30 A.M. to 1:30 P.M. at the Campus Courts.

It is a COVID-friendly, body-neutral clothing shop that encourages sustainability, self-care, and a worldly acceptance of people. All leftovers will be donated to local charities.

Clothing swap helps people to understand the difference between “end-of-use” and “end-of-life” items and tries to get maximum utilization of “end-of-use” items. In other words, the clothing swap is helpful in preserving the environment because it helps to keep waste that can be recycled or reused out of the landfill.

Clothes that are still in good condition which can still be used or worn are given to someone new who will make use of it to elongate the life span of the clothing. Most of the clothes were donated by students.

It’s the first time that the Wellness center hosts such an event, Sultan Sandur, Wellness Support Specialist, said “each of our Student Wellness Ambassadors have a chance to organize an outreach event per semester and this event is organized by two Ambassadors.”

Additionally, “the theme of the event is Kindness and Body Appreciation or Neutrality,” Sandur said.

We all need to appreciate that our body incurs changes due to our lifestyle, age, medication, or even hormones. Hence, Body Kindness requires practice from ourselves to adapt to these changes to be able to love ourselves.

The clothing swap creates a community where you can meet other people, be inspired by students supporting the event and wanting to make a difference. Swapping clothes costs exceptionally less than buying new clothes. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on high-quality clothes when you can get the same clothes at a clothes swap.

Olivia Tegan, an event coordinator, said “At a basic level, throwing a clothing swap helps save the world because it’s an opportunity for all those clothes to be given at least one more round of life and encourages self-care.” When students drop off their clothes, they are entered to a draw to win a $50 prepaid visa.”

Marwa Mahdi, a first-year MBA student said “swapping clothes is an important action that everyone needs to participate in because it encourages sustainability and that no clothes are thrown away.” You can find unique clothing that were limited edition or even some fancy brands.

The Wellness Centre works throughout the semester to support students and help with their mental health. The Student Wellness Ambassador team (SWAT) is always happy to have a little chat with you and they might be able to give you solutions to your problems. So, make sure you give the Wellness Centre a visit between your classes.