Kamloops Film Festival celebrates 25 years

KFF hosts 25 events and 25 movies at the paramount theatre for celebrating its 25th anniversary

This year Kamloops Film Festival (KFF) will be screening 25 films and 25 events celebrating its 25th anniversary from March 3 to March 12 at the paramount theatre.

One of the events is Kamloops Independent Short Shorts (KISS) where they offer prizes for unique films. For amateur categories, the first prize is $500, followed by $300 and $200. However, for the professional category, the first prize stands at $750, followed by $500 and $250.

For all fans of thrillers and fashion, the Kamloops Film Festival will be bringing Darkfest and the red carpet to you. The red carpet is happening in person this year where you can take a picture and share it on your social media account.

DarkFest will start on March 4 with the “Nightmare Alley” at 8:30 P.M. The movie is directed by Guillermo del Toro and written by Toro and Kim Morgan. The movie is about a carnival man that is talented in manipulating people with very few strong words which lead him towards the path of a female psychiatrist more dangerous than him.

Everyone was guessing that the key theme of this year’s festival would be about sustainability with socially and environmentally progressive films. Dusan Magdolen, the executive director at the KFS, said, “We do not really have a theme per-see, we just try to show the best films from Canada and around the world that we possibly can.”

In a KFS press release, excitement was expressed, “We’ve missed you, Kamloops. We’ve also learned a lot about hosting safe events, pivoting quickly and gracefully, and the importance of connecting through the shared experience of watching movies together. Community, in COVID, is everything.”

Some films you don’t want to miss this year include Licorice Pizza, a drama/comedy about a pair growing together and navigating their first love in the San Fernando Valley, Dawn, a drama about a young trans woman returning to her family farm after some time, and Flee, a documentary directed by Joans Poher Rasmussen recounting the life as a refugee child from Afghanistan.

KFF is excited to announce a showing on March 4 of House of Gucci, a star-studded film starring Lady Gaga and Adam Driver.

Check out the full list of showtimes and movie info at www.thekfs.ca/. Tickets are available for purchase at thekfs.ca/buy-tickets and at the door at a student rate of $7 a film!