TRU reopens applications for study-abroad

Students can now apply to study abroad for the Fall 2022 semester

After being on pause for two years due to the pandemic, the study abroad program is planning on sending their first group of students this Fall 2022.

The study abroad program covers all opportunities in countries outside of Canada. These include exchanges, field studies, co-op among others. This is open to all TRU students. Taking part in a program like this is a guarantee to gain experience outside of your home country.

With partnerships around the world, students can emerge themselves in different cultures and fully dive under the surface of countries like the United Kingdom, Japan and South Korea.

Because these programs are meant for all students, different options meet the necessities of everyone.

Study Abroad has over 40 countries and a wide range of programs to consider when applying. Each of those comes with great opportunities and meets the needs of anyone looking for the experience.

Field School is one of those many programs. In this, students travel as a group along with a TRU faculty member and spend up to eight weeks together outside of the traditional classroom. It is also a low-cost rate and perfect for first-time travellers.

On the other hand, the students that are part of the Co-op program have a separate abroad placement where they can also gain work experience overseas.

Studying abroad comes with many benefits. The application is non-competitive so all students wishing to go will have no problem doing so. The courses taken during the time abroad count as credit towards your degree, and the cost is similar to a semester at TRU. A semester abroad will also showcase experience for your resume and will benefit any future employment opportunity.

To ensure the safety of all those travelling TRU has different resources that prepare students for their departure. Anyone interested in participating needs to go through a pre-departure session designed to help in any personal, academic and administration preparation.

The pre-departure program also helps in developing realistic goals for the student. Helps ease anxiety towards travelling by showcasing the tool needed and will assist students with the registry materials.

There are only a few quick steps to apply for study abroad. Anyone interested should begin by attending a mandatory information session. Doing some research on the destinations is also important. With that information students are allowed to pick three destinations they would like.

Making a financial plan for the program is the best approach for everything else to fall into place. There will be an interview where the destinations are discussed, and the registration will begin. The final step is to submit all necessary paperwork.

While the physical office for Study Abroad is closed due to Covid, they have a virtual office in place and are always happy to help through email and calls. Their page is also filled with extra resources that will answer any additional questions.