TRU introduces West Gate Dormitories as temporary housing

TRU adds 114 housing units for students as a temporary solution for the housing crisis

TRU acknowledges that while these units aren’t a permanent solution for the current housing crisis but hope it will alleviate some stress. (Mithran Akattutu/The Omega)

With the difficulty finding accommodations in Kamloops was proving common among TRU students, TRU has added 114 modular housing units called “West Gate Dormitories’ located at the parking lot XT, near the corner of McGill Road and University Drive.

With North Tower, Upper College Heights, McGill, and the temporary West Gate Dormitories in mind that adds up to 1,366 rooms for students to live on-campus.

West Gate Dormitories rooms are self-contained private rooms with a washroom, television, shower, shared laundry room, microwave, and a fridge. The cost of a room for the winter semester will be $2,000 and $2,400 for the summer semester.

Warren Asuchak, TRU Associate Vice-President of Campus Infrastructure, Sustainability, and Ancillary Services says, “I don’t think that this is enough, but it’s a start and it’ll get students out of low-income housing and make that available for low-income families and it adds 114 more beds to the inventory in Kamloops, so it can only be a good thing.”

TRU was initially looking to build more modular units to accommodate around 300 students in different parking lots but the city of Kamloops previously denied an application to build modular dormitories for TRU students because it fell short of B.C. Building Code requirements.

On Sept. 21, 2021, the city council voted against the TRU proposal in a closed council meeting regarding the modular proposal. When the proposal was denied, TRU turned to motels, and local hotels to accommodate TRU students.

The project started on Dec. 9 and started to accept applications for the winter semester which runs from Jan to Apr. The project is expected to be until April 2023 and might be extended until Dec. 2023.

“We know students are struggling to find a place to live due to exceptional circumstances that have stressed the Kamloops housing supply,” Asuchak said.

In addition, “Using an underused parking lot is a good allocation of our land resources to help address the need for more student accommodations and TRU thanks the City of Kamloops for supporting this temporary solution,” says Asuchak.

TRU is still looking for permanent solutions regarding the accommodations and planning to build something permanent near the university.

If you are a student that still needs accommodation near campus then consider visiting www.TRU/ to apply for West Gate Dormitories as they are still accepting applications.