Local community group working to improve life for homeless population

(Stone Soup Collective – Kamloops/Facebook.com)

A small group of people in Kamloops are hoping to make a difference by helping the local homeless community.

Stone Soup Collective, local food delivery and outreach organization, has been giving meals, clothing, and survival supplies to individuals who are homeless since Oct. 1.

The concept was conceived by Tammy and Chad Croissant, proprietors of River City Gymnastics.

Angela Ward; who prepares the majority of the meals, Tyler Brown; their nightly outreach worker, and Lori Lavoie; the Collective’s daytime co-ordinator, all help the couple by doing outreach and linking the homeless to resources such as social services and housing.

The Croissants are the project’s principal funders, with clothing donations from thrift stores, Salvation Army buns and bread, and perishable food donations from the Kamloops Food Bank and The Mustard Seed Kamloops rounding out the mix. A church also gives the Collective a modest monetary gift, which is used to buy materials such as tarps, candles, and gloves.

Aside from the products, the advocates will help individuals with a variety of criteria, such as paperwork and online forms, which may be a roadblock to accessing services for the homeless.

They intend to expand the Stone Soup Collective by building a permanent or transportable structure that can provide showers and accommodation for the homeless, as well as a secure location for the homeless.

However, since forming the Collective, they’ve developed a greater understanding of people’s various situations and are expanding every day.