Running club in full stride at TRU

Even as snow flies the TRU Run 4 Fun club is active and looking for new members

In March of last year, two students, Foster Wynne and Olivier Jumeau decided to start the TRU Run 4 Fun club in an attempt to connect students who felt isolated due to the pandemic.

The club also offered a competitive space for the TRU athletes who belonged to the cross-country team before it was axed in 2020.

Since its inception, the club has flourished – boasting over 80 active members on its Facebook page and meeting up for runs on a weekly basis. Students of all running levels are given a chance to improve their health while also connecting and meeting other members of the group.

The Club president, Foster Wynne was intrigued to reflect on the club’s explosive growth and future plans.

“We felt the club could give an opportunity for students looking to run and make friends along the way. We started this club by creating a positive impact on campus in mind,” Foster explained. “Our club recently received the “CIBC Run for the Cure” School Team Award due to our fundraising for the Canadian Cancer Society. It’s something we are proud of and we plan to have more events like this in the future.”

The club raised over $200 through fundraising and sponsorship.

Running is one of the most beneficial practices to incorporate into our lives. It helps us strengthen muscles, improve cardio, and improve our mental state. The club focuses primarily on trail running rather than road running which implies that they spend most of their runs on popular hiking trails around the city. This gives students the chance to indulge in a great workout and also stands as an opportunity to see some of Kamloops’ most spectacular views.

“Aside from staying in shape, I have found running is a way to destress from school. I feel refreshed after a run and ready for what  I have planned for the day,” Foster remarked. “We have lots of great trails around Kamloops for trail running. Students who are not from Kamloops might not know where to run or haven’t gone trail running before. We started this club to show people trails in Kamloops they might not otherwise know about or have the opportunity to enjoy.”

The club’s culture is strong with plenty of active members, however, they are always looking to add in more students who are interested.

If you’re looking to hit the ground running, club leaders encourage you to follow them on Instagram (@trurun4funclub) or join their Facebook group (TRU Run 4 Fun Club) to find out the details about upcoming runs and events.