Think you don’t have an artistic eye?

Kamloops Art Party thinks you’re wrong and wants to open your mind to your abilities

On Saturday, Nov. 6, creative community members welcomed a new and exciting business to Kamloops’ North Shore: Kamloops Art Party.

Kamloops Art Party looks to provide Kamloopsians with an inclusive, fun, and safe space in which anyone can create. No matter your skill level, an abundance of artistic ability, or lack thereof, Kamloops Art Party encourages you to come in and flex those creative muscles.

Carly Schmidt says she started Kamloops Art Party out of her vehicle back in 2017.

“At first, I was hosting small events at pubs, kind of paint and sip style. After obtaining my first studio though, we have kept expanding since then.”

Schmidt says, “[Kamloops Art Party] hosts birthday parties, private events, public workshops, after-school programs, and drop-in art experiences.”

“We sell artworks and jewelry and have a boutique. We teach acrylic painting, paint pouring, watercolour painting, resin pouring, glassware painting, sculpting, ceramic painting and ceramics.”

Adding in those ceramics is Kamloops Art Party’s newest endeavour.

“We actually have the largest collection of ceramic moulds in Canada and have already outgrown our current space. We are still ramping up and need about double the space to properly run our ceramics factory.”

Schmidt says Kamloops Art Party will soon be looking for warehouse space to run fabrication out of. For now, though, the studio and boutique at 177 Tranquille Road will act as a ‘hands-on’ space.

If unable to stop by, Schmidt says Kamloops Art Party can come to you.

“We do host parties at people’s houses…both over Zoom and on location. Having the gear all in one place makes bringing art to you so much easier.”

If interested in getting involved, Schmidt suggests checking out Kamloops Art Party’s social media and website, Due to COVID-19, she asks that you please register before dropping in.

“Drop-in art is a party. You come in and are handed a menu just like in a restaurant. From there, you order the supplies needed to complete your chosen project, we then bring those supplies to you and show you how to use them, and afterwards, we do all the clean-up.”

Before starting Kamloops Art Party, Schmidt worked as a portrait artist and was selling internationally. At some point, she realized she lacked relationships within the artistic community here in Kamloops. In order to get connected, she dreamed up Kamloops Art Party.

Schmidt champions skill development and says that although she took a few classes here and there at TRU, she did not enroll in a four-year Visual Arts Program. Instead, she chose to focus on and fine-tune her skills; later implementing those skills alongside marketing and business strategies she learned through various courses to better run her business.

Schmidt continues to inspire artists with her story and is an example for those who hope to achieve their dreams but do not have the time or means to attend university. Although there are sometimes barriers to creating, Kamloops Art Party plans to continually break those barriers by providing a safe and sustainable space to create in Kamloops.