Adopt-a-Road to keep the city clean

The Kamloops volunteer program promises to maintain the city’s cleanliness

As part of their volunteering program, Kamloops offers everyone in the community the opportunity to join their effort in maintaining the city clean.

Due to the pandemic, the program had been suspended for a year, but the provincial health guidelines allowed Adopt-a-Road to return this June.

This program has been promoting city pride and community development since the 1980s. It allows clubs, organizations and individual community members to take part in maintaining the city’s beauty. By volunteering their time picking debris and litter from assigned streets or nature parks, those who help are providing a safer city for everyone else.

While taking part in this volunteer program, the city provides safety supplies for everyone. They also arrange pick-up times and locations, which are organized by the Civic Operations Department. All volunteers need to follow the BC’s public health guidelines during their volunteer hours.

This initiative currently has 127 groups and individuals that cover over 38 trails and 50ks of Kamloops. This does not include the volunteers that take parks into their volunteer hours. The city provides a phone number for the volunteers in case they find any infrastructure that needs attention.

Each group taking part in this program must assign a contact person who is responsible for ensuring everyone’s safety and will be in constant communication with the city. They also have the task of making sure everyone else on the team follows protocol.

In turn, the city also has responsibilities to ensure the safety of everyone participating. They are required to warn people of the possible dangers of this program which are like watching out for glass or wild animals. Adopt-a-Trail program also provides their volunteers with a safety vest and roadside signs.

To be a part of this program, individuals need to fill out an application providing their information and what road they wish to clean.

There are a few roads that are open for adoption. On the city’s website, they supply a map that indicates which road or trail is still available. It includes information about the location, street name, length and classification.

The programs are meant to benefit everyone in the city and while it focuses on the well-being of others, they also create a support group for those participating. Volunteer groups ward off loneliness and depression. They can give structure to someone’s life, and a feeling of accomplishment which is the reason why the city invited everyone including TRU students to create a group and join this cause.

“The City of Kamloops gratefully acknowledges the numerous volunteers, organizations, and businesses that participate in keeping our streets and roadsides clean with signage on their adopted section of the networks,” Said Kurylowich, office Services Clerk of Civic Operation.

Besides the Adopt-a-Road/ Trail program, Kamloops offers different projects for those wishing to volunteer. The Organic Waste Collection Program and the KamPASS Program are just a few examples of how the City of Kamloops continuously creates opportunities for everyone to get involved in the community while constantly maintaining gratitude for those that do.