Local app working towards a cleaner future

The Waste Wise Kamloops app is helping the community make better choices about their waste

B.C. has been affected by climate change in recent years. Unfortunately, this crisis is far from over. In the next couple of years, people will start to see an increase in environmental issues. To do its part, Kamloops city has created the Waste Wise app that allows residents to be more environmentally friendly.

Kamloops is one of the many cities affected by the climate crisis. We have seen the results through wildfires and temperature fluctuations. This will in turn create the perfect environment for diseases and natural disasters. 

Now more than ever we must take responsibility for our waste. The app, which has been launched in 2017, has different services that are available for free. All you need to do is go to the Apple Store, download it, and put in your address. With that information alone, the app can tell you where and when your upcoming collection is due. It also allows reminders to be set up so nobody misses any collections. The reminders seem to be a favourite among the users of the app.

“It keeps track of changes to pick-up days and has easy access to information on garbage and recycling topics,” says Brendan Grace.

Although those are the major functions of the app, other services include information about proper ways to recycle certain foods with the wise wizard, reporting any problems to the collection services, and signing up to receive tips and useful information about waste.

With the app’s wizard section, everyone has the chance to know where to dispose of certain objects. When searching for that information it won’t just tell you how to throw away that product, but it will also tell you the safest way to do so. Some products might need special instructions to be followed before throwing them away. Explosive propane canisters are an example of this.