Homesickness creeps up while studying away from home

As the days feel shorter and colder, the feelings of homesickness can thrive in students studying away from home

Homesickness is a common emotional experience, it is the result of feeling attached to our own environment.  To be able to cope with homesickness you need to understand its meaning.

The cause of homesickness is the need for love, interaction and security. It is more similar to moving to two different unrelated worlds, wherein in this world you are responsible for your actions, health and studies.

I know the feeling of missing, of whether it is your beloved ones or even your bedroom. It was hard for me to see my brother graduate and not be able to attend it. Certain aspects of being away were hard for me to cope with, but I eventually found ways to handle it. So, here are some tips that helped me cope with homesickness:

Get involved in activities, do not close the door on yourself, let your schedule look similar to the Kardashians. Campus is a place filled with plenty of activities on a daily basis. Also, there are different clubs on campus that can suit your interests. For example, you can join peer mentor programs, student clubs, and TRUSU.

Daryl Daniel a fourth-year Psychology student says “I was missing out on lots of social opportunities and I was feeling lonely.” When you make plans and socialize, your schedule is so busy that you cannot think of anything else.

Interact with others, and with your family. It is important to try to make as many friends as you can and whenever you feel alone try to talk to them and tell them how you feel. At times, talking to others helps you calm down, as they can offer solutions to your existing problems. As technology is a major part of our life, try installing some applications which could help you communicate with your family and beloved ones. Communicating with others may make you feel comfortable in your surroundings.

Go for a walk, or a hike while listening to your favourite songs, and think of your achievements. This will motivate you and make you happier.

The Wellness Centre, located in Old Main 1479, will help you cope with any negative feelings you have, such as anxiety before an exam, having a hard time sleeping, or having a hard time preparing a meal. The ambassadors are friendly and the team also includes students who can help guide you.

The activity that helped me most was writing a journal by expressing all my feelings on paper. A journal helps you to keep track of your thoughts and in addition, you can also reflect on your experiences. As you pen down all the positive and negative thoughts, you can examine them further in detail and gain personal growth from them.