Students settle into new normal on campus

With a few weeks under their belts, students share how they feel studying on campus

Students have returned to campus and after settling into campus life for the first time since March 2020, they’re taking a look back at the first month.

The mode of delivery for each course has been modified to attend to students’ needs. Some have opted for online classes mostly while others are attending face-to-face or blended mode. Having so many ways of taking a class can be confusing and overwhelming for some people, especially when times are still uncertain, but after a month in, the students are finally adapting to this new normal.

“I think the university does take it into consideration. They provide different services for people who need help with their mental health or their schoolwork, and that’s really useful if you’re ever behind in a class,” Tasneem Idris, a first-year Bachelor of science student whose classes are mostly all in-person, said. “I’m happy with the mode of delivery since a lot of them require proper demonstration and a lot of attention as well.”

First-year Bachelor of Business Administration, Panthi Parikh has both online and in-person classes “Blended seemed like a good option for me because I get to go to class as well as study on my own. Studying on my own helps me understand better, but if I have any doubts, I can always ask the professor during our in-person time.”

“It makes sense for me because my program requires a lot of hands-on teaching and learning.” Sofia G. Sanchez, a first-year culinary arts student, who has only in-person classes said. “I think they are trying to accommodate everyone’s needs, but they are lacking in some areas. My concern is mainly getting Covid, but it’s time to go back to normal.”

“My first year was done fully online from India and the time differences meant that I was not giving my full potential to the courses, but in-person classes allow me to focus and learn with my peers,” Second-year Bachelor of Tourism Management, Roshni Menon, said. “The whole experience of university is meeting new people. Being online would not allow us to do that,”

Menon also shared her biggest concerns for this semester; “Although I am vaccinated, I am scared of getting Covid and spreading it to my peers, especially since I live in residence, it would be a couple of difficult days.”

To ease the nerves of students, TRU shared the results of the vaccination declaration proudly as 94% of faculty and 85% of students have marked themselves as fully vaccinated.