Don’t forget your reusable water bottle!

TRU welcomes back the Fill it Forward program with prizes for students

Fill it Forward is back on campus and ready for you to track your water refills on campus for a chance to win prizes!

Fill it Forward program is an innovative initiative that lets you see the effect you have on the environment by encouraging the use of reusable beverage bottles rather than plastic or single-use cups. This Canadian movement links your container to an app that can be installed on your phone.

Every time you refill your bottle, you can scan your Fill it Forward sticker which identifies the water refills with teal tags, a cup of water is donated to a water charity through TRU’s partnership with Cupanion and the organization’s Fill it Forward program.

As a reward, with every reuse and scan, you will get a chance to enter into draws daily, weekly and monthly.

“The rewards are helping to help clean water projects around the world, and having your name entered into a draw to try and win weekly TRU prizes”,

James Gordon, manager of sustainability programs, said. “These two things happen every time you scan your water bottle.”

“Maybe it’s a localized impact, but by diverting all that waste, we’re not encouraging them.”, Canyon Sinclair, previous sustainability ambassador coordinator, said. “By reusing mugs and bottles everyone saves money including the university.”

There is a 30-minute cooldown between scans to prevent misuse. The application notifies you when you can scan again. Gordon says “the maximum number of scans per day is 10.” The tags remain active even if the application changes enabling students to just keep scanning.

The app had to remodel their merchandise because they found out that the water drop shape of their tags prohibited some users from being able to scan the barcode easily. The new circular Fill it Forward tags were tested in detail to ensure that processing issues are eliminated. So, old users must update their application, and try to reopen the app, if they seem to face problems with scanning.

Additionally, the Fill it Forward app does not collect any personal data. The only people with access to the back-end data are the developer from the Fill it Forward team and the coordinator who administers draw winners.

“Hopefully, the impact can be lasting, and not just for the month of September,” Sinclair said, adding, “If half the people who participate in our challenge continue to scan their barcodes and continue to use their reusables, then that’s a number of people who have developed a green habit and are not buying a cup when they go to the coffee shop or aren’t getting a disposable water bottle”.