TRU’s safety app hopes to streamline resources

TRU SAFE app house all campus safety resources in one spot to ease confusion

In a screenshot of the app, TRU SAFE gives students and faculty a range of safety resources for a variety of situations. (Cailyn Mocci/The Omega)

TRU wants the university community to know about the TRU SAFE app, recently updated to have all its safety features in one convenient place. After recent wildlife spottings near campus and the ever-changing health regulations, the TRU SAFE app hopes to clear any confusion.

Last Thursday, TRU had to issue a warning to students and community members on campus to be aware of wildlife after a sighting of a bear in the area earlier that morning.

“A lot of students coming to campus, whether their international or just from a different city than Kamloops, they might not be used to that being a thing to look out for,” Matt Rapparlie, TRU Risk and Community safety manager said.

In what originally started as an app to house TRU’s safety alert system, the TRU SAFE app has grown over the years to now include a variety of resources.

Over the past year, TRU has been working on ways to integrate the many health and safety resources needed by students into one spot to limit any confusion.

“We wanted to make it as invaluable as possible to our students and just the greater TRU community because it does have resources for staff and faculty as well,” Rapparlie said. 

In addition to notifications connected to TRU Alerts, the TRU SAFE app has up-to-date information on the current mask and COVID-19 health mandates and protocols, campus emergency contact information, campus maps and directories, and a tool called Friend Walk. The university also plans to add connecting links to community resources as needed by the student community, for example during this summer’s forest fire evacuations that affected many TRU students.

Friend Walk allows the user to send their location in real-time to a friend and monitor your walk across campus alone. If in distress or panic you can press a button alerting your friend and starting an emergency call.

The TRU SAFE app was made with the goal of flexibility. Rapparlie said the university hopes to be able to adjust and add to the current content as it becomes relevant to the TRU community.

“We’ve tried to make it an adaptable application that can change according to what the scenario is,” Rapparlie said.

The TRU SAFE app is available in the Apps Store and the Google Play store to download. Make sure to sign up for TRU Alerts to stay up to date on what’s happening on campus.