Boogie the Bridge returns in a modified way

A live event and a virtual event have been created to encourage participation in this year’s Boogie the Bridge

Boogie the Bridge is returning with a virtual event from April 18-25, but also hopes to hold a limited, live event on April 25. The walk/run event is encouraging participants to join in to raise money for this year’s charity of choice, the First Nations Youth Theatre Outreach Program, under the umbrella of Western Canada Theatre.

For those who have never boogied before, the event is quite simple to get involved with. According to their website, “Boogie the Bridge has inspired hundreds of people to make a difference in their lives, the lives of their families and the lives of their community members, through movement and community involvement.” They are the largest fitness event in Kamloops and have raised over 1 million dollars for charity since their inception.

Normally, Boogie the Bridge is a one-day live event in Kamloops, but this year, they have had to modify it due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, participants have the choice to take part in the live event on April 25, with COVID-19 protocols in place, or work at their own pace over the course of eight days, from April 18-25.

Their website states that the event will be held at MacArthur Island Park and that only 100 people will be allowed to participate in the live event: two groups of 50 people. They are also implementing ‘wave starts’ where four people will be going out every 10 minutes in the hope of spacing out the participants. The website said, “the live event will follow any health guidelines that are in place at that time and are subject to change without notice.”

Regarding the virtual event, the website said participants can “walk, run, jog, hop or skip your Boogie distance anytime during the eight days, anywhere!” Registering for the event is what provides the donations to the charity of choice each year.

The purpose of Boogie the Bride is “to be the B.C. interior’s leading and most influential wellness ‘movement’ and inspire healthy, active lifestyles for people of all ages and at any fitness level,” according to the website. They also strive “to be the largest fund-raiser in B.C. for running events (continue to give back as much as we can to charity).”

For more information on this year’s Boogie the Bridge event, those interested can check out their website at Anyone interested in registering for this year’s event can do so here where there are instructions on how to register for the live and virtual events. The last day to register online is April 22, 2021.