TRU Women’s Basketball shoot their shot and make all-star signing

After different options, Elena Sireni has decided to sign with the Wolfpack for the 2021 season

After posting big seasons for her high school team in Surrey, which included becoming a first-team all-star in the South Fraser Valley Region, Elana Sireni had various options to play for different schools at the university level. 

It was a grand surprise for TRU women’s basketball team Head Coach, Goran Nogic after he heard that Sireni committed to the Wolfpack.

TRU and the Wolfpack are quickly gaining a reputation for recruiting highly skilled Vancouver athletes who are looking to stay clear of the beaten path surrounding larger Vancouver schools. With top-of-the-line resources and facilities, as well as internationally renowned school programs, TRU is turning into a hub for many athletes from the coast.

“I decided to go to TRU because of its biology program which would give me what I need to pursue my dream career as a marine biologist,” Sireni explained. “I feel I will be able to fully express myself as a basketball player at TRU with the help of my coaches and teammates. Due to all this and the city of Kamloops, I believe TRU is the right fit for me.”

Sireni plans to join the Wolfpack for the 2021 season and is likely to make an immediate impact. The six-foot guard was a standout at the high-school level and she will be looking to bring the same dominance to the collegiate level.

“I can’t wait to meet the team and start practicing and playing games, I am fully committed and aspired to win,” announced Sireni. “As a member of the TRU team, I want to win as many games as we can and try to make it to the playoffs. Winning a championship will be my ultimate goal.”

Look out for Sireni as she plans to make her debut season in October of 2021. It is best to remember the name as she is likely to be a key force in the Wolfpack lineup for years to come.