Kamloops local shot putter set to compete in the Tokyo 2021 Olympics

After months of uncertainty, Greg Stewart will officially represent Canada in the summer games being held later this summer

Greg Stewart is a longtime athlete of Kamloops who formerly played with the TRU Wolfpack men’s basketball team and holds the record for the second-most points ever scored in team history. (Submitted)

The lifestyle of an Olympic athlete is not flattering. Daily training during the four-year stretch between games can be mentally draining and tough on the body. With that being said, Olympic athletes were hit hard by the news of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics being postponed due to the pandemic. One of them being Greg Stewart from Kamloops B.C., who was set to represent Team Canada for Shot Put in the Tokyo Paralympics. 

Despite the delay, optimism is on the rise after it was tentatively announced that the games would take place later this summer from Aug. 24 to Sept. 5.  
“In all honesty, it’s been difficult. It’s mentally draining when you work so hard to prepare for something and have it postponed for over a year. So many events have been rescheduled, I’m still not convinced that these dates for the Olympics will be officially upheld,” Stewart admitted. “With that being said, I’m still training every day like it is going to happen. It’s hard to find motivation some days, but I’m really taking on the role of the guy who just shows up. Not every day in the gym is going to be record throws, but I’ll be there on time and ready to train.” 
Stewart was born with one arm and is a phenom of an athlete. The 7’2, 335-pound giant has excelled at most sports he played in from an early age. After dominating for the TRU Wolfpack men’s basketball team, Stewart was convinced that he should start to train shot put. That decision paid off as he has now become one of the greatest shot putters in the world. With many gold and silver medals at over five international competitions, Stewart is a favourite for the podium at the Tokyo Summer Games.  

“You know really my goal is just to be healthy and experience the Olympics to the fullest. I think it’d be so cool just to witness the greatest sporting event in the world during what most think are the toughest times,” Stewart claimed. “Obviously a podium finish would be nice, but I’m really not too worried about the results. That concept of just being the guy that shows up really rings true to me at this point in my career.”  
Overall, we hope that the Olympics will follow through and can be used as the gateway to a restriction-free sporting world. For now, Stewart will continue to train every day at the TCC gym as he prepares for the competition scheduled to take place from Aug. 24 to Sept. 5. Keep an eye out for him on the big screen as he will be representing Canada and hoping to bring home a medal.