A petition for a pride centre is flying around campus

A new LGBTQ+ centre is a hope for the TRUSU Pride club on campus

Back in 2017, ideas surrounding a centre for LGBTQ+ students on campus were growing in the minds of the TRUSU pride club. Eliana Baboiu, President of the TRUSU Pride Club and LGBTQ+ representative for TRUSU, has brought the idea back and hopes a new petition will be what it takes to make that idea a reality.

“With the pride centre, I wanted it to be a place where all LGBTQ+ students on campus could meet up in between classes and they will provide resources for them,” Baboiu said. “I hope to use [the centre] to provide regular pride activities and to also use it as a consistent place to meet up for pride events.”

Baboiu hopes it will be a safe place on campus for all LGBTQ+ students and that connections and resources can be found there.

“I think a centre like this would show that the TRU campus is a welcoming place for LGBT students, and it would make it easier for them to connect with other students like themselves,” Baboiu said.

Although the club is in the very early stages of securing a space and getting it approved, Baboiu hopes to see a classroom or another space on campus transformed into a pride centre within the next year.

“I would be happy if it was just a room or a classroom that’s a fair size,” Baboiu said. “I hope with having something just a room, similar to the size of the wellness centre, we could have a place that all LGBT students can get together on a regular basis.”

Most of all, Baboiu is looking for support from the community and university in order to have this project completed sooner rather than later.

“I would like to see it within the next year or so,” Baboiu said. “So far we managed to collect over 200 signatures and I’m hoping to show that there’s a substantial amount of people who care about having the pride centre.”

Baboiu said the centre would be available to LGBTQ+ students and their allies and added that she “would be happy if it could also be accessible to other LGBTQ+ people who are within the community.

Baboiu hopes that TRU will provide a space for this initiative on campus and that the petition will help to recognize a need for this space. The petition is still available to sign here and currently has over 200 signatures.

Baboiu said that students should consider speaking out, “about why they think we should have the pride centre to help make TRU a more inclusive environment.”