Speed Friending events at TRU continue to delight students

With each consecutive event, participants seem to form stronger bonds

TRU Student Life just wrapped up their third Speed Friending event of the semester and could not be happier with the overall response. Students, who are studying from home, seem to be delighted by the opportunity to make new friends and form close bonds. 

The fourth session, Coffee Connections, is scheduled for Wednesday morning, March 24, and is intended to include international students who were previously asleep in different time zones during past meeting times. 

Student Life Learning Strategist, Orientation and Transitions, Payton Comazzetto, explained, “so far, [TRU Student Life] has had three [Speed-Friending Events]. The second event was the biggest so far and had the most participation.”

At the second event, Comazzetto said, “[she] sat in on a group of six, and within that group, four of the students had already met at the previous event and had been in contact afterwards. They were all so stoked,” she said. “It was awesome. At the end of the night, about 12 students were left online, and we all decided to start an Instagram group. Since then, we’ve been chatting there.”

Comazzetto explained that “at this last event, One guy in attendance even made a WhatsApp group so that anyone who wanted to could join. That way, if and when restrictions are lifted, those in the group can maybe get together and hang out.”

Further, Comazzetto stated, “one girl signed on and was like, ‘does anyone know anybody in communications or journalism?’ And, this other girl was like, ‘oh yeah, I do… I’m actually in the journalism program.’ The girl who had asked said she hadn’t met anyone in her program all year, and the two of them actually signed off so that they could then chat privately elsewhere.” 

Comazzetto said, “It’s been really, really cool to see people chat, play games and laugh all night. Everyone just seemed to be so happy.” It seems that students keep coming back to build bonds further and make more new friends.

“It’s probably been the most significant, most rewarding part of my job yet,” said Comazzetto. “Actually seeing people that were like, ‘hey, I’ve been so lonely,’ or ‘I’m in quarantine right now, this is so fun right?’ And then the next time they come [to an event], they’re like ‘I’m not in quarantine anymore. I’ve gotten to go and see Kamloops.’ Or, wherever they are.”

Comazzetto explained that students seem to enjoy the event so much that it has gone at least an hour longer than initially scheduled each night. “The first event was scheduled to end at 8:00 and went till 10:00. So we planned to end the second event at 9:00, and it still went until 10:00. So, we planned for this last event to wrap up officially at 10:00 and, then we allowed a handful of students who remained until the end to stay on and freely chat till around 10:30,” she said. 

If interested in attending Coffee Connections, Don’t miss out. Comazetto insisted that Speed Friending events at TRU are incredibly welcoming and inclusive of all students and personality types. Click here to register for Coffee Connections.