Former Wolfpack Athlete selected for U-Sports Apprentice Coach Program

Kendra Finch from TRU Women’s Volleyball gains the opportunity to begin her university coaching career

Kendra Finch played for the Wolfpack Women’s volleyball from 2016-2020 and will now be transitioning to a coaching position. (TRU Athletics)

If you have been a fan of TRU women’s volleyball, you are familiar with Kendra Finch. She was a standout for the Wolfpack from 2016-2020 and became a huge key to the team’s success during her five years at the school. After finishing her last season in 2020, Finch wanted to stay close to the game, so she, along with 46 other former athletes, applied for the prestigious USPORTS female apprentice coach program.

USPORTS gives former female student-athletes an opportunity to learn and take the experience from different head coaches of sports across the country. The program is meant to increase the number of female coaching positions across Canadian universities.

“Being selected for this opportunity is such an honour. I feel humbled to be included in a group of such outstanding strong female leaders,” Finch beamed. “I think that having an opportunity to coach at such a high level so early in my coaching career is not a very common feat and I am so grateful that USPORTS is supporting specifically women in this area.”

Finch will be working with Head Coach Chad Grim from the TRU women’s volleyball team. She spent five seasons playing with TRU and became a Canada West first team all-star after her final season in 2020.

“I think I’ve been fortunate to have played for influential coaches like Chad and many others in my life and they have taught me how impactful a coach can be – not only in the athletic realm but in all areas of life. I hope to have a fraction of that positive impact on others going forwards,” Finch claimed. “The tactical part of the game is one of my favourite aspects of the sport, so to be able to learn more about it from a coaching perspective is something I’ve always thought would be interesting. I aspire to have a positive impact on those around me and I think that this is a really unique opportunity that has a lot of potential for that.”

Finch will be a huge asset moving forward for the TRU women’s volleyball squad who has been one of the most successful teams for the Wolfpack over the past five years. With Finch’s notoriously positive attitude, coupled with her experienced skill set, she will surely make a large impact on the team’s success over the course of her coaching career at TRU. Keep an eye out for her on the sidelines as she helps the TRU women’s volleyball program continue its winning ways in 2021.