Women take over WCT for A Broad’s Way Cabaret

WCT’s next venture is an all-female cast and crew showcase

Western Canada Theatre has been working to provide an all-female showcase to celebrate International Women’s Day, which took place on March 8. The showcase features 15 acts from women in the Kamloops area and has an entirely female crew to boot.

“A Broad’s Way Cabaret is a way for female-identifying artists within the community to showcase their performance skills and or talents. We had a fair chunk of submissions, and our job was as a committee to go through them and pick ones that showed diversity and a wide variety of skills,” Jessica Buchanan, a Committee Member on the Broad’s Way Cabaret Committee, said.

From March 8 to the 14, viewers are welcome to watch A Broad’s Way Cabaret for free on Western Canada Theatre’s Facebook page or YouTube channel, @wctlive. 

When discussing the importance of the showcase, Buchanan said, “female-identifying performers aren’t usually given a chance to be front row and centre. I think these artists are so varied in their skills that sometimes they may not get the chance to perform in front of people, so to speak.”

WCT is very fortunate to put on these events for free amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Western Canada Theatre has sponsors from the community that enable them to do this.

“We do have some great sponsors,” Buchanan said. “We have the Kelson Group, of course. We’ve also got Kamloops Now, CFJC and Best Western Kamloops. Those are our wonderful sponsors that work with Western Canada Theatre all the time.”

A Broad’s Way Cabaret is different from WCT’s usual productions and gives female artists in the community a chance to shine.

“This one, in particular, is pretty fantastic because it’s truly an all-female team,” Buchanan said. “We’ve got an all-female committee [and] all female technicians working on it. We even trained some folks on some of the technology that Western Canada Theatre has been utilizing. [A Broad’s Way Cabaret] is truly an all-female, all jam-packed event, which I think is very, very cool.”

Buchanan is also encouraging viewers to donate to Kamloops Immigrant Services because they assist women and others in the community.

“We are encouraging everybody, if they would like, to donate to Kamloops Immigrant Services,” Buchanan said. “They do a lot of really great work as far as helping women and recent immigrants with housing, social activities, job finding, [and other] things like that.”

A Broad’s Way Cabaret is a part of Western Canada Theatre’s Together Project that WCT announced in February. Anyone interested in learning more about the project or wanting to watch A Broad’s Way Cabaret can check out www.wctlive.ca/togather. The showcase will be available online until March 14, 2021.