Students passionate about running start Run 4 Fun club

The club plans to use both in-person and virtual offerings to bring runners together during the pandemic

TRU has a new club on the roster encouraging students to get out and active during the pandemic. The Run 4 Fun club creators are excited to be able to connect people together to fill the voids they’ve been feeling lately. 

Environmental & ecology biology major Foster Wynne and geography major Oliver Jumeau founded the club. The Run 4 Fun Club will use a combination of virtual running events and in-person socially distanced meet-ups to facilitate connections between students and encourage them to get active. Half of the club’s offerings will take place virtually, through the app Strava. The other half will occur via weekly socially distanced in-person runs on the trails and roads around Kamloops. 

“We university students have been pretty isolated in terms of being able to connect with other people,” Wynne said. “[this club] is a way to have physical activity and provide some social connection that we’ve been missing out on.” 

The Run 4 Club hopes to attract students affected by the TRU cross-country club’s recent discontinuation.

“People are looking to compete [in running]. They don’t have that opportunity through TRU anymore. We thought that for those people, a run club would be able to fill that gap,” Wynne said. 

The virtual running events through the app Strava are being implemented to satisfy those competitive urges. Every two weeks, the club will post a new running route on the app. Members will have two weeks to complete the route. They will be able to compare times with fellow-club members. 

“It provides that competitive aspect. You can go out there and push yourself. Try to be one of the fastest ones in the group.” co-founder Jumeau said. 

However, the club’s in-person runs will be less competitive and aimed at students looking to socialize and get active. 

“We’re not going out there to push the pace. We’re just going out there to explore some new trails and hopefully make some new friends,” Wynne said. 

Members attending in-person events will be required to maintain physical distancing and cover their faces when they aren’t running.  

Wynne and Jumeau are especially excited about the opportunities the club will offer new TRU students. 

“We’re both [in our] second-year, and we’re both fairly new to the university. I think it would’ve been great if when we were [in our] first year, there was a running club we could’ve joined straight off the bat. We both would’ve jumped at that chance. To be in the shoes that we are now and to be able to actually organize that club and to help people get into running and meet new people, we’re really proud to offer that,” Jumeau said.

The club uploaded their first route to Strava, a loop of the university. Club members will have until March 7 to complete the route, after which a new route will replace it. The club’s first in-person run will take place on March 2 at 3 p.m. Members will be running the lower Kenna Cartwright trail. 

Students interested in joining the club are encouraged to email Wynne and Jumeau at