TRU gives employees space to discuss mental health

TRU employees attended a positive Lunch & Learn on Feb 10, discussing self-care during the pandemic

A Lunch & Learn event, “Restorative Well-Being: Self-care, pandemic style” gave TRU employees the opportunity to share workplace struggles and learn about how to create a work/life balance in their lives, with the help of presenter, Maggie Gough.

Sam Nielsen, Campus Wellness Advisor for staff, hosted the event and Maggie Gough, CEO and Founder of Realize Wellbeing presented. The event was held online and was about an hour long. 

The first half of the event consisted of Gough presenting and sharing her experiences with the group, and the last minutes for a question and answer period with the attendees.

Nielsen said, “the session went really well. Maggie Gough, the presenter, created a safe space to be real about our experiences by sharing her own vulnerabilities and struggles, and invited us to reject the myth that in order to be well we need to become someone else, or be better/do more, and strive for something we don’t currently possess.” 

Nielsen added that “she encouraged us to meet ourselves and our needs where we are to restore well-being in the lives we are living right now.”

This was just one of many Lunch & Learn events to come for TRU employees. Nielsen said she hopes these events will help TRU employees’ health and wellness during the pandemic.

“These sessions are typically hosted by ‘experts’ in their fields, and a variety of presenters are outsourced locally, on-campus, in community, and across Canada and the US,” Nielsen said.

Regarding Gough, Nielsen said, “she has become a nationally recognized expert in the field of human wellness in the United States and is dedicated to empowering others.” Gough also has a background supporting students and employees in post-secondary settings.

This session was successful as the 29 employees who attended engaged with Gough and the presentation.

“There was authentic and honest engagement from participants and a beautiful discussion about workplace struggles and giving ourselves permission to set boundaries to care for our well-being and restore work/life balance where needed,” Nielsen said.

There will be another Lunch & Learn for TRU employees on Feb 24 from 12 to 1 p.m. and will discuss financial well-being and will and estate planning. 

TRU employees can register at if they are interested in attending.

“This Lunch & Learn was offered to create a conversation about how we can best meet our needs and care for ourselves after a year of enormous change, and as we continue to navigate this pandemic,” Nielsen said.