Kamloops Art Council launches new Literary Artist Program

Literary artists are now welcome to join the new KAC program to showcase local talent

Kamloops Art Council (KAC) is proud to support all art disciplines, art mediums, and all emerging or established artists; hence, they are excited to announce the opening of their Literary Artist Program. 

KAC is now housing and promoting literary works for sale at the Old Courthouse and Cultural Centre downtown in the KAC offices.

Terri Hadwin, Executive Director of the Kamloops Arts Council, noted, “it has been a goal for quite some time for us to establish this new initiative. Our mandate is to support all forms of art, and this is another step in that direction.”

If you are a KAC member and have a book you have had published, KAC is happy to promote and sell your work online and from the Old Courthouse and Cultural Centre. 

The terms include a one-year contract at a 30 per cent commission, which allows literary artists the opportunity to display up to a maximum of 25 books at the Old Courthouse and Cultural Centre.

Local authors of any kind can display up to five different titles in case of scenarios in which authors have more than one publication, as long as they remain within the 25-book limit. If at any time authors wish to add or subtract publications or replace sold books during their contract, they may do so as long as there is sufficient notice. 

Newly appointed KAC Board Member Toni McKilligan said, “[he is] thrilled that the Kamloops Arts Council is launching the Literary Arts Program in support of local authors. [The program] is a positive and welcome expansion of KAC’s already impressive contribution to the arts in Kamloops.”

If you are a literary artist and hope to apply for the program but are not a KAC member just yet, do not fret. KAC registration is made simple via kamloopsarts.ca

Membership in the Kamloops Arts Council provides benefits far past access to the Literary Arts Program. Members are provided with funding for artistic endeavours through KAC grants, receive a wide variety of discounts, and are included in KAC’s online directory amongst other perks. 

As a KAC member, artists have the opportunity to network with other artists, receive feedback and find inspiration. And, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic specifically, have the opportunity to attend KAC’s virtual meetups each week to connect and talk about all things art with other KAC members.

Members also have the opportunity to be drawn as KAC’s Feature Member of the Month in which the chosen artist is then further promoted on KAC’s blog. Step into your power as an artist and register if you wish. Individual artists pay a relatively low membership fee of $30 annually.

Literary artists are encouraged to feature their literary works of art on the new Literary Artist Progam bookshelf created by local creative Kyle Rankin of Kamloops Makerspace. 

All books entered into the program will be displayed both online and at the KAC offices within the Old Courthouse and Cultural Centre. Applications are available online.