TRU Women’s Volleyball sign four new recruits

Head coach Goran Nogic and the coaching staff is putting the pieces together for success next season

Second-year Head Coach Goran Nogic makes another bundle of signings to add a facelift to his new squad. (Submitted)

Big news came from the Wolfpack press conference after Goran Nogic, Head Coach of the TRU Wolfpack women’s basketball team announced he had signed another four players to his roster for next season.

After already signing multiple athletes for the 2021 season, the Wolfpack is looking to make big changes in the upcoming seasons. Nya Derkach from Vernon, Keerat Sidhu from Surrey, and Jessica Orr and Claudia Murr from Victoria are amongst the newest recruits to spend their education in Kamloops and play Basketball for the Wolfpack. As the team is fighting to flip the script and change to winning ways, these new signings will serve as a promising addition to that theme.

“We are looking to become a competitive program that competes in playoffs and hopefully one day makes it to the USPORTS Nationals,” Emma Piggin, Assistant Coach explained. “This is something that doesn’t happen overnight and it takes many pieces. These girls will be part of that. We have a number of girls with a number of different strengths coming to join us. It’s all very exciting.” 

Sidhu is best known for her shooting abilities and teamwork mentality. She was scouted at one of the Wolfpack’s scoring camps in 2020 where she caught the attention of the coaching staff. 

Murr is a 5’9 athletic guard who has great court awareness. The Wolfpack expects her to be a large asset on both ends of the floor. 

Orr actually grew up in Kamloops and has been on the Wolfpack’s radar since grade six. She is known for her hard work, court vision, and high basketball IQ. 

Derkach is the tallest amongst the recruits standing 6’1. The power forward is expected to win rebounds and clean up inside of the key. 

Stay tuned for more signings from the Women’s Basketball team as they look to revolutionize their team and build for the future. All four players will be making their debut for the 2021 season and will play pivotal roles now and in the future.