Organizations to receive promotional boosts from a new initiative

Keep Kamloops aims to help arts, recreation and heritage sectors in the Kamloops area

Various organizations in the Kamloops community have the opportunity to receive valuable support from Keep Kamloops, a new volunteer-based initiative intended to provide promotional support to arts, recreation and heritage-based groups in the community.

JP Baker, Spokesperson for Keep Kamloops, said, “We recognize that [COVID-19] has some pretty serious impacts on all non-profit organizations, but we looked in particular at organizations in arts, recreation and heritage and decided that they might need some help.” 

“We decided to try and give them a promotional boost, encourage people to participate in their activities and to donate if they can,” Baker added.

Keep Kamloops’ goal is to shed light on these organizations that have been struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic. They understand the pressure and struggle that organizations have been working to overcome for the past 11 months and want to help them with their activities and business ventures. The group will be unable to meet every organization’s needs, but they hope to help promote 24 organizations over the next year.

“We’re measuring our success based on the success of the organization,” Baker said. “Personally, I’d love to make sure that all of the organization’s activities are thereafter we come back from the pandemic. I’d like to be able to say that we haven’t lost any amazing organizations and events through the pandemic.”

Any group in the arts and culture, sports and recreation or heritage and multicultural sectors are welcome to apply to have Keep Kamloops help them create promotional material for their organization. They are looking to highlight events in the community and businesses themselves that have been hit by the pandemic.

“Right now, the big focus is on encouraging organizations to apply and they can apply through the website,,” Baker said. “They can fill out a very simple application, and then we take those, and we have a vetting committee of volunteers who looks at them and chooses one to be profiled in each of the two weeks.”

Keep Kamloops is choosing organizations to be profiled based on financial need, attempts to adapt to the COVID-19 situation, and organizations that don’t have many promotional resources.

“We just encourage any organization who thinks that they touch on any of those areas to just apply and then let this vetting committee look at it and do their job,” Baker said. “If in doubt, just apply.”

Keep Kamloops has put together a team of volunteers and has begun the process of searching for establishments to promote. Organizations involved in any of these sectors are welcome to apply and the vetting committee will look over their application.

“Sometimes I think we take for granted all the work that goes into delivering the amazing activities we can enjoy in arts and recreation and heritage,” Baker said. “I think it’s easy when we’re all sitting at home, during the pandemic to forget that those organizations are suddenly not bringing in the money they normally do.”