Kamloop’s local business wages war on single-use plastics

Our Footprints Company stores offer community members the option to shop responsibly

Small changes in your daily life can help make small steps towards a more zero-waste 2021. (Kyra Grubb/The Omega)

Eco-friendly refillery, Our Footprints Company, has what you need to lessen your global footprint in the second of their two B.C. locations open locally. Our Footprints Company stores stock eco-friendly, package-free and sustainable products at both locations in Kamloops and Kelowna. Here’s what you can do with it.

Community members can lessen their carbon footprint when shopping at any one of Our Footprints Eco Sore and Refillery locations, whether shopping in-store or online. Our Footprints Company provides customers with the opportunity to reduce waste within their homes by offering simple, cost-effective alternatives to products usually packaged with single-use plastics.

Single-use plastics are plastic goods made from fossil-fuel based chemicals and are often meant to be disposed of immediately after use. Although there are essential applications for single-use plastics, such as medical gloves and condoms, most single-use plastics are less than useful, made evident by our throwaway culture. 

Single-use plastics are in practically everything and have sadly become intrinsic to human existence. Most accumulate plastic waste by way of items like drink cups, plastic cutlery, snack bags, bottle caps, food containers, grocery bags, shampoo bottles, straws and styrofoam, just to name a few. Studies show that nearly 300 million tons of plastic are produced each year, half of that being single-use. That plastic ends up in landfills worldwide and often makes its way into our natural environments. 

While plastics have many convenient and sometimes money-saving uses, we have become dependent on their existence. Scientists have even gone so far as to suggest that plastic waste is now so omnipresent within our environments that it could act as a geological indicator of the Anthropocene era, the unofficial unit of geological time used to describe the most recent period in earth’s history in which human activity started to have a significant impact on our climate and ecosystem. 

There are many ways we can work towards lessening the flow of single-use plastics in our lives. From requesting “no straw please” to bringing a reusable cup or boycotting single-use shopping bags, each concrete step towards cleaning up the planet represents another action taken in the right direction. Shopping at establishments such as Our Footprints Company stores could also make massive differences in our homes. 

Our Footprints Company primarily stocks their “refillery” at Our Footprints Eco Store and Refillery locations. The refillery offers customers the option to stock up on household products in bulk without all the packaging we have become accustomed to. So far, the refillery stocks items such as bathroom products usually packaged with plastic-like shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and soaps; various cleaning supplies such as hand sanitizers, detergents, softeners, and dish soaps; products for sensitive skin such as balms for babies, moisturizers, salves, and a wide variety of other items.

While at home, start by avoiding plastics in just one room at a time. For example, use up all products already packaged in plastics in your washroom. Once emptied, replace with glass bottles filled at the refillery or, better yet, bring in your empties and fill with sustainable products. Use items initially intended for single-use over and over again until no longer useful. 

Shopping with Our Footprints Company could soon transform our homes into eco-friendly and low-waste habitats. You might be surprised how little waste you actually produce when working to diminish single-use plastics in your life in all areas.

Our Footprints Eco Store and Refillery is located at 1055 Hillside Dr near Walmart in Kamloops.