An inside look at Wolfpack’s longtime head athletic therapist’s world

TRU Wolfpack unsung hero, Kevin Brechin, shares how he's given his teams the ability to succeed

Kevin Brechin has been active on the sidelines for all sports at TRU over the course of his 15 years with the Wolfpack. (TRU Athletics)

When you think of college sports, you think of the teams, athletes, coaches, and standings. It is easy to overlook all the support staff that makes up the base of a team: the administrative staff, volunteers, donors, fans, and trainers. Without this foundation, a team would be unable to function at its full potential. 

One key role that is a vital piece to any sports team is the athletic therapist and Kevin Brechin is that for the TRU Wolfpack

Brechin is responsible for injury prevention, rehabilitation, and overall fitness. After 15 years with the Wolfpack, he has travelled with every sports team and has worked with over 1,000 athletes.

 Brechin has worked with teams from soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball, lacrosse, and hockey. Moreover, he has national team experience with the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver among other national sports competitions for team Canada. With most praise allocated to the players, Brechin is one of Wolfpack’s most unsung heroes.

“I have worked with numerous teams over the years and the most gratifying thing about being head athletic therapist is all the athletes and coaches you meet and get to watch improve over the years to reach their goals,” Brechin said. “The relationships I have made along the way are a big part of where I am today and I am very thankful to be apart of the Wolfpack family.”

Brechin spends his days at the Saje Sports Institute Clinic located next to TCC where he works on athletes from all sports. Injuries are athlete’s biggest fear and many do not know about the importance of weekly physiotherapy; maintaining a healthy body is one of the most important aspects of being an athlete and Brechin is there to help. 

When he is not in the clinic, he is on the sidelines, running onto the court or field to provide care to injured players. He is responsible for calling whether a player is okay to continue or if he or she needs to be sidelined.

 “Sports therapy ties into injury prevention and sports performance together in order to provide the best programs and treatments for the student-athletes,” Brechin said. “The combination of therapy and sports performance gives the athletes the best chance to be able to bring their best in practice and competition. I strive to do just that with Wolfpack athletes.” 

Brechin has had a major impact on the Wolfpack working with countless athletes. He is a major part of the huge support group that caters to Wolfpack athletes and his commitment should not go unnoticed. Look out for Brechin on the sideline of the next Wolfpack match up.