TRUSU brings back movie nights

TRUSU is hosting four movie nights throughout the 2020-2021 school year

Over the next four months, TRUSU will be hosting four movie nights at the Paramount Theatre for up to 40 TRU students residing in the Kamloops area this school year. Each movie night will have a different theme, with opportunities to participate in activities before the films start.

Keegan Lawrence, Vice-President Internal at TRUSU, said, “we’ve kind of expanded the event into a multi-day partnership event at the Paramount [Theatre]. We’re going to be hosting four movies over the next four months in partnership with [the Paramount], free for TRU students.”

Their first movie night is Christmas themed and is on Dec. 8 at 6:30 p.m. TRUSU is showing the movie How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000). Registration is open now on TRUSU’s website for students who wish to attend the movie night.

“We’ve been exploring different ways that we can still get students engaged at TRU. Most of our other events are available to all students, regardless if they’re living in Kamloops or not, but this event is more so for the students living in Kamloops,” Lawrence said.

TRUSU is able to put on this event with help from the Paramount Theatre. 

“This is the first year that we’ve actually done something in collaboration with the Paramount [Theatre], but we have a relationship with Dusan, the manager there. For the event, we’re making it a little bit bigger,” Lawrence said

TRUSU is also allowing students to pre-register and come early to participate in some activities beforehand. They are also encouraging students in attendance to wear festive, ugly sweaters.

“The doors are going to open at 5:30 pm, and there’s going to be an option to register to come early. [students will] be able to make a little holiday card. We’re going to have a couple of polaroid cameras, and we’ll take a photo of [each student] in front of a little TRUSU backdrop,” Lawrence said.

[Students will then] put those photos into the cards, [and then] into the envelope and put them into a box, all no contact between them and us. We’re going to send those cards wherever [students] address them to around the world,” Lawrence added.

The event is limited to 40 students, as TRUSU wants to keep students safe. Anyone unable to attend the winter movie night will have three more chances in the new year, each with a different theme.

“If they’re not able to attend the first one in December, we will have another one in January, another one in February, and another one in March. Each of those movies, too, will be different themes,” Lawrence said.

“This one is like a Holiday theme. In January we’re going to have a Bollywood kind of theme. February is an adventure sports movie; we’re going to collaborate with Adventure Tourism or the AdventureU Club. In March, we’re going to do a nostalgic kind of throwback type movie,” Lawrence added.

The event itself is free of charge for students, and those attending can purchase snacks from the concession. The Paramount Theatre does require those in the common spaces to wear masks. Once movie-watchers are in their seats, they are welcome to remove their masks and enjoy their snacks.