TRU Men’s Basketball All-Time Leading Scorer Hopes to Transition to the Diamond

Joe Davis hoping to take the mound for the Wolfpack as a Left-handed Pitcher next spring

(TRU Atheletics)

In his final year attending Thompson Rivers University (TRU), Joe Davis is hoping to return to athletic competition. Wolfpack fans might know Davis from the five stellar years he spent on the TRU men’s basketball team.

In January of 2020, he became the team’s all-time leading scorer. With his basketball eligibility finished but his competitive drive still strong, Joe is hoping to finish out his TRU career with a season on the Wolfpack baseball team.

“I do it cause I love the competition and competing,” says the 6’6 sociology student, “and I might get the opportunity to continue representing TRU.”

Joe played baseball until he was fourteen when he was forced to hang up the cleats to focus on hoops, “At that point, I was missing half the season anyway for basketball.”

It wasn’t until Simon Crossfield came to TRU to play both baseball and basketball that Davis realized a dual-sport collegiate career was possible, “ I was jealous of this rookie guy who came here to play both…. He was kind of living my dream.”

After his basketball eligibility ended this February, Joe began training with the TRU baseball team as a lefty pitcher. While he was in excellent shape, his baseball skills left plenty of scope for improvement.

“I could throw the ball pretty hard, but could I pitch? Probably not,” Davis said.

His training focused on perfecting his pitching mechanics; “It was really technique specific. It was constant watching YouTube videos on how lefty pitchers throw and trying to tweak this and that.”

Despite his rawness, head baseball coach Ray Chadwick saw potential in his undeveloped abilities, “Joe is a talented athlete. [In] the short time he spent training with us I saw some raw talent that you know with his work ethic would be brought to the forefront.”

Unfortunately, the 2020 spring baseball season was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the interim, Joe accepted an assistant coaching position with the men’s basketball team, which has kept him away from baseball training. He is hopeful that he will return to the team in early 2021.

Joe has yet to take the mound for the Wolfpack. He believes he will do so next spring, his final semester at TRU, if he can balance baseball, schoolwork, and responsibilities to the basketball team. Despite the challenge this presents, he remains hopeful that he will once again don a wolfpack uniform, “I’m pretty optimistic that I’ll get the chance to play.”