The Freudian Slips are back

The Kamloops Improv troupe performs in YKA Strong series with a new format

The Freudian Slips, a local improvisation troupe, is back in action after shutting down live performances since Mar. For the first time in the last nine months, the Freudian Slips have returned to the stage, this time at the Pavilion Theatre, rather than their usual home at the Stagehouse Theatre.

The YKA Strong series was an opportunity for the Freudian Slips to get back on stage, strut their stuff and introduce a new format for their shows. In this format, the Slips stray from shorter skits with input from the audience to longer-form entertainment, essentially creating an entire play.

According to the description on their Facebook event, in this format, “a small team of improvisers asks a group of audience members about their life and presents an improvised show inspired by it (in an ‘inspired by’ way not in a ‘based on a true story’ way).”

At their Sept. 14 performance, three members of the troupe appeared onstage to create some on-the-spot entertainment based on audience interaction. The three improvisers were all alumni or current TRU students: Jane Harestad, Ashley Hiibner, and Dan Ondang. The group is all in a COVID-19 ‘bubble’ with one another, so they can safely get close onstage.

The show began with the group asking the audience questions and chatting with them about their lives, gaining inspiration for the show they were about to put on. After the discussion, the troupe took to the stage and created a show about a dog named Blue and how their life changed after one visit to the unemployment office.

The improvised show’s inspiration came from an audience member, who talked about her job as personnel in an unemployment office and her dog Blue. The play they created was over 30 minutes long and included Blue leaving his family to become a logger and journeying into the city where he found his forever home.

The slips provided around an hour of comedy for the audience with the play they created inspired by this audience member’s life. This type of storytelling and improvised comedy will be the format for their next two shows at the Pavilion Theatre during Nov.

The Freudian Slips have two more shows this month on the upcoming Saturdays, Nov. 21 and 28. Tickets are available online at the Kamloops Live! Box Office or by phoning 250-374-5483. They are $20 each plus fees, and taxes and performances start at 7:00 p.m. Those in attendance are welcome to purchase Freudian Slips merchandise or drinks and snacks from the concession. Masks are required in all common spaces, but audience members can take them off when seated.