Men’s soccer star recruits arrive to Kamloops

Jost Hausendorf and Akwasi Agyekum are looking to help TRU to the national championship

Jost Hausendorf, #9, has experience playing NCAA division 2 in America. (Submitted)

After a long-anticipated wait, two-star recruits have arrived in an attempt to help guide the TRU men’s soccer to a national championship. Jost Hausendorf from Germany and Akwasi Agyekum from Vancouver both have impressive soccer resumes playing for professional youth academies and semi-pro teams.

They will be looking to use their experience to dominate at the U-Sports level and add a spark to the men’s soccer team.

Due to COVID-19, Hausendorf from Germany had implications for receiving his study permit and was not able to join the team during pre-season in August. His permit has now been accepted and he has arrived in Kamloops. He has recently finished his two-week quarantine on campus and has been cleared to play.

“I couldn’t be more excited to be back out there. Especially after 14 days of not being able to run at all,” Hausendorf said. “To be honest, I thought it would be worse on my own for 14 days, but a lot of phone calls with friends and family made the time fly by,” Hausendorf said.

Akwasi Agyekum grew up playing for the highly respected Vancouver Whitecaps Residency program. (Submitted)

Hausendorf has plenty of experience after playing in Germany for the semi-pro side TSV Sasel; as well as in the U.S.A for West Virginia Wesleyan College in the NCAA division two. After hearing about what the men’s soccer program at TRU had to offer, Hausendorf came for a visit and decided to sign with the Wolfpack.

“I came by for a visit I knew the team, school, facilities, and staff were just a perfect match for me. TRU is offering the whole package and I’m glad to be given the opportunity to take advantage of that,” Hausendorf expressed. “I definitely want to win a national championship and will do my very best to help the team achieve that goal. I’m a pretty dedicated athlete and just want to work as hard as I can to make the team better.”

Agyekum grew up playing for the Vancouver Whitecaps Residency, a professional youth academy famous for producing elite professional soccer players. At the age of 17, he then joined the under 20 pro-youth teams, Calgary Cavalry who play in the Canadian Premier League. After offers from many universities, the 18-year-old decided to choose TRU and arrived in Kamloops for training last week.

“I chose TRU due to how Coach John presented the team to me. The system is great and I love the educational side of things like the class size and structure,” Agyekum explained. “I think the level I’ve played at should help and hopefully I’ll take less time to adjust to the speed of the league.”

The young midfielder has ambitions to lead the Wolfpack to the top. He also plans to use the U-Sports platform as a way to break into the professional game; “ My goals at TRU are to aim for the national championship, I hope to contribute by being a main piece in the team and if possible to be able to play soccer professionally if the opportunity presents itself.”
After the news of TRU men’s soccer hosting the 2022 nationals, both players will be looking and expected to make a major impact over the upcoming years. With their valuable experience, the pair of signings will undoubtedly contribute to the team’s success. The fact that the team was able to sign these type of quality players is a testament to the reputation of the program. Stay tuned for more news on new signings for the Wolfpack and remember the names of these two.