TRUSU introduces a pilot care package program

The new program will send out care packages to students at TRU to encourage wellness

TRUSU is always looking for ways to help students with their wellbeing during the semester and this new care package program is no different. 

The care package program gives students the opportunity to enter a draw to win one out of 105 packages that will be available during the school year.

Keegan Lawrence, Vice-President Internal of TRUSU, said “we just felt that with no in-person classes this year many students will be lacking a sense of belonging at TRU since they’re not on campus. We still want them to feel connected to the campus, [and] we thought we would send care packages to students via a draw. It’s basically just stuff that can help them care for themselves.”

“It definitely has a care focus,” Lawrence added. “We’re thinking just kind of like smaller things … that we’re able to package together and send out to students wherever they are.”

All students studying at TRU this year are welcome to enter the draw for a care package from TRUSU and it will be shipped to them wherever they live if they win. Students living in Kamloops or outside of Kamloops are eligible, as well as international students. Lawrence added that they’ve had over 500 students enter the draw.

Lawrence also said “they can be International students as well. We’re still deciding how many care packages we’ll be sending out of the country but it’s open to any student whether they’re studying in Kamloops, somewhere in Canada, or somewhere else in the world.”

People are able to enter the draw for a care package right now by filling out the form sent to students through the bi-weekly TRUSU email newsletter. Students only need to include their name, student number, address, and field of study on the form to be eligible to enter the draw to receive a care package from the student union.

“We’re going to be doing three draws… one in November, one in January, and then one in early March and each draw will have 35 care packages,” Lawrence said.

The goal of this initiative is to encourage the well-being of students during difficult times in the semester. TRUSU understands the hardships of students and wants to encourage wellness at home by sending these care packages out.

“We just want to show that the students union still cares for its members,” Lawrence said.

TRUSU is able to create and send out these care packages to students through the help of the Entertainment Committee at TRUSU who will be in charge of purchasing and packaging up all of the goodies. Lawrence added that “we’ll be including a little handwritten card on behalf of the students union as well for a little personal touch.”

TRUSU gained the ability to fund the program because they canceled many events this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Lawrence said, “we had to cancel a lot of our events this year, unfortunately… we definitely have the funding to transition.”

Students are able to enter the draw for care packages here. Students can also find the link through TRUSU’s bi-weekly email newsletters. The first batch of winners will include 35 care packages sent to various students and these students will be drawn during the month of November.