Cliffside Climbing Gym is offering a healthy hobby during COVID-19

This indoor gym is giving out student discounts while local athletics diminishes

Cliffside Climbing Gym is open seven days a week, Monday – Friday 2-9:30 p.m., Saturday 12:30-6:30 p.m. and Sunday 2-8 p.m.(Submitted)

After hearing the news that all sports seasons at TRU will be cancelled along with no intramurals or local competitive leagues being offered on campus, many Kamloops students and residents alike are looking for ways to stay in shape. 

The Cliffside Climbing Gym, located five minutes from TRU, is offering a healthy alternative to challenge yourself and get fit. With the gym being indoors, this is a great opportunity to cultivate a new hobby while beating the cold as the weather drops below zero.

The gym is open seven days a week and is host to several different climbing walls that vary based on skill level. Beginners are encouraged to take a lesson or otherwise play around with it themselves. 

It is a completely safe activity with harnesses, ropes, and chalk equipment being offered upon arrival. 

Climbing is a brave activity that tests your strength and balance: a total body workout that has many benefits both physically and mentally. Some athletes at TRU have taken up this individual sport during these slower times with the Wolfpack.

“I started rock climbing this summer when COVID-19 put us all in quarantine. It was a nice way to stay fit and discover a new individual passion.” Jackson Gardner, goalkeeper of the TRU men’s soccer team said. “Now that our season has been cancelled it gives me more time to continue climbing and I’m super happy that Kamloops has a facility like Cliffside to keep me going over the winter.”

B.C. is host to some of the most famous climbing destinations across North America. Its mild climate and giant mountains make for perfect climbing conditions. There is no better place to learn to rock climb. 

Day passes at the Cliffside Climbing Gym are $17 for adults and $15 with a student I.D. If you are in need of equipment, it is an additional $6. 

Afterwards, if you think that it is a hobby you would like to further pursue, the gym offers a one-month membership for $70 with a student discount. For more information on their rates and hours, visit