If 2020 hasn’t spooked you yet, don’t fret

Six ways TRU students can celebrate the holiday without spreading COVID-19

Celebrate this Halloween this weekend while keeping your friends and yourself safe. (Neon Brand/Unsplash.com)

B.C. provincial health officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, confirmed Halloween 2020 isn’t cancelled but says by way of comparison, Halloween must look quite a bit different to keep both children and spooky season fans safe over the weekend.

Here are six ways TRU students can get spooky and stay safe over the holiday.

Throw a virtual costume party.

No need to give up on dressing up in 2020. Why not host a virtual costume party from home? Recycle costumes from years past and repurpose items you already own. Take a look at your closet and reimagine your wardrobe. Flex your imagination and create a character all from the comfort of your home. Get your friends on Zoom and reveal what you have all worked to build. If partying via the web, you don’t have to cut any ghouls or goblins off the invite list.

Carve pumpkins with your pod.

Get your roommates together or a small group of friends to carve or decorate pumpkins and gords. This activity is easily done distantly and can be very fun. Use paints, sequins, and beads to match your decor or carve pumpkins to light up your front door. Save the seeds to roast and add them to soups and salads later. Why not warm up some apple cider and serve themed treats to your guests. Carving pumpkins is a classic spooky season affair and is sure to stir up nostalgia. Participating in this activity could remind you of October’s past.

Have a horror movie night. 

Have a movie marathon from home and get cozy with your pod. This one is relatively straightforward and requires little pre-planning. Light lots of candles and expand your living room by covering the floor in blankets and pillows for your friends to lounge on. Dim the lights and pass out the popcorn. Get ready to get spooked.

Personalize facemasks.

Personalize a facemask to match your costume. No need to freak; coordinating your mask can be easy if focusing on prominent colours within your look. If down to DIY, add rhinestones, fringe, and felt. Go crazy. If out of ideas, snag a costume that already comes with a mask and double up for extra protection. 

Amp up the Halloween decor.

Go wild with decorations this year and encourage your neighbours to do the same. Children will appreciate the attention to detail if out for a stroll on Halloween, really sell it! Cover your home, inside and out, with spooky decor. You might enjoy it too. On Hallows Eve, leave out a table of pre-prepared grab and go snacks or tongs for little ghouls and ghosts to use. Don’t forget signage to encourage safe practices like the use of hand sanitizer before reaching for treats.

Make spooky treats and drinks to get in the mood.

Get that cauldron bubblin and make some scary good Halloween punch. Put together spooky-themed charcuterie and share it with friends. Include puff pastry wrapped Brie and call it mummy cheese. Fill the board with yummy fall flavours, deep-coloured treats, and clever cooky snacks. Use this year to play with Pinterest inspired recipes. Although Halloween is likely to be lowkey, these ideas could spice up even the smallest of get-togethers. 

Spooky season 2020 is about getting creative. Although we are unable to attend parties of any real size this year to avoid the spread of COVID-19, these tips and tricks could add some much-needed fun to your Halloween weekend.