TRU star athlete playing on two separate teams for the Wolfpack

Simon Crossfield is turning heads playing for the men’s baseball and basketball team

Crossfield poses for his headshot during a photoshoot with the baseball team. (TRU Athletics)

Simon Crossfield is an absolute specimen of an athlete. Standing at 6’5”, the Vancouverite spends his fall with the Basketball team and his spring with the Baseball team. He is the second multi-sport athlete in the history of the Wolfpack after Tim Unaegbu played Soccer and Basketball in 2010-2011.

Currently, in his second year of study, Crossfield’s decision to come to TRU was largely impacted by the fact that he could play both the sports he loves.

“Being able to play both was definitely a huge reason for coming to TRU. There are very few places in Canada where this opportunity is possible,” Crossfield explained. “Kamloops was relatively close to my hometown of Vancouver so it turned into a no-brainer for me.”

Being a student-athlete of one sport is already a tall task. The act of organizing school, practices, workouts and game times can be stressful. Crossfield seems to have no problem with this juggling act as he is able to maintain a 3.4 GPA while attending all team events.

“It’s not too difficult to juggle the two sports, to be honest. There actually was a lot more crossover in high school than there is now,” Crossfield said. “I don’t mind having an offseason. I’ve been playing both sports all year round growing up so I’m used to it.”

Crossfield is unique in the fact that he is athletic enough to excel in two different sports at the highest collegiate level in the country. It is a common practice among athletes to choose a particular sport and give up other ones at a certain age in order to increase their chances of playing at the highest level.

Athletes speculate that putting energy into one sport, it will increase skills and optimize performance in their chosen field. Crossfield is a wrench in this thought process.

“I’m definitely in better shape during the basketball season because of all the conditioning we do, but I don’t think it hurts my baseball game whatsoever. I actually have always thought that playing Basketball has helped my Baseball and vice versa.” Crossfield claimed. “I don’t think there’s a reason you can’t play more than one sport. I’ve seen guys give up everything, spending their whole lives playing Basketball and they fall out of love with the game. I always told myself that I would play both sports for as long as possible and I think that should be the mindset for all other multi-sport athletes on the come up.”

Crossfield is leading by example for younger athletes who may feel pressure to put all their eggs into one basket. He shows that it is possible to play multiple sports, excel at both and maintain a positive love for the game.

Crossfield is currently training with the Wolfpack basketball team and plans to join the Wolfpack baseball for the Spring season. Due to COVID-19, Crossfield, unfortunately, may not be seen in action this year, but keep a lookout for possible upcoming exhibition games.