Local theatre looking for Kamloops artists to fill their 2020/21 season

Western Canada Theatre is looking to build its upcoming season to provide a season of innovation and intimacy

Western Canada Theatre (WCT) is calling for proposals from local artists in support of their planned performances for the 2020/21 theatrical season. 

“While each theatre season is unique in its focus and presentations, our 2020/21 Season will both be different from what you’ve seen before and offer new opportunities from WCT and the Kamloops creative community,” Catrina Crowe, WCT Marketing and Communications director, said in a press release, “We will pace our announcements and openings to the guidance of provincial and regional health authorities to keep our audiences, staff and artists safe.”

WCT is expecting the upcoming season of “surprises, innovation, and intimacy” as they work closely with the guidelines put in place by the provincial and regional health authorities. 

The plan for the upcoming season is to open slowly in the fall, allowing small showing at the Pavillion Theatre in cabaret-style seating, with tables and chairs.

To fill these smaller scaled productions, WCT is looking for local artists to envision performances suitable for the Pavillion Theatre. 

“We look forward to working with small groups of local artists that will highlight the wealth of talent in our community,” Crowe said. 

WCT is also working on a modified mainstage season housed at the Sagebrush Theatre which will be announced later this summer. Keeping with the unpredictability of the times, WCT is still unsure if they will announce all five shows for the season at once or keep to one at a time. 

“We are fortunate to work in theatre, an artistic force that at the best of times encourages us to look at the world from fresh perspectives, to question why and how we are as we are, and how we can improve as individuals and societies. So far, 2020 has offered us numerous opportunities to consider again what it means to be a creative company, a community, and a society, in a world of change. We look forward to developing those ideas further to shape the season as it progresses,” Crowe said in a press release, “And we most look forward to being with you, the artists and audiences of our community!”

If you are interested in bringing your show to life on the WCT stage, contact artistic director James MacDonald at james@wctlive.ca to discuss how to make it a reality. See www.wctlive.ca/postings.htm for more information about this process.