Things to watch while stuck in isolation

Now that you have the time, its time to binge

Given that most of us are stuck indoors nowadays due to the coronavirus, we all seem to have an abundance of time on our hands. With that said, here is my pick of the week for those who have streaming services to just Youtube:


With four seasons of a show that follows the Devil help solve crimes while trying to find a way to defy his father and deal with biblical forces, it does it well. The first season has some of the best episodes in the entire series, season two has great ideas though does play them out a bit too much and you could really skip half of season three and not miss much. But season four matches season one’s intensity but provides better characterization in some aspects. Its a devilishly good watch. 

Disney+-Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Series

As the final season wrapping up soon as of writing this, nows the best time to take what most to consider to be the best part of the prequels which is this animated gem. From a good amount of mature themes being explored to giving gratifying characterization where the movies couldn’t, it is objectively a great watch. My only suggestion is to look up a chronological guide to watch the episode, it’ll provide more of a flow.

Amazon Prime– The Boys

Now I couldn’t tell you when season two is being released due to the virus, however, The Boys is one of the best explicit television shows that revolve around how genuinely terrible superheroes can be. It also does provide great commentary on how today’s idols have to be influenced by capitalism principles. Along with a great cast from the group of The Boys themselves, its a must-watch.

HBO GO– Curb Your Enthusiasm

Due to Apple Tv having virtually nothing, HBO is your best bet for good content compared to the previously mentioned three. And Curb Your Enthusiasm is by far one of the best-written shows ever created, however, that comes as no surprise due to it being created/ran by Larry David. If the world is annoying and you want to see every social convention ridiculed, this is the show for you.