Period Promise proves successful at TRUSU

TRUSU collects over 2500 menstrual products for United Way’s campaign

For the last couple of weeks, TRUSU has been collecting numerous menstrual products for United Way’s campaign ‘Period Promise’. TRUSU was asking for donations from around campus from March 2- 13 and successfully collected numerous products.

Brandon Hayashi, Vice-President Equity of TRUSU explained the goal of Period Promise.

“United Way just requested we put a box up in front of the members’ services desk and contact TRU to see if there are any departments willing to provide donations and then we also provided a donation ourselves,” Hayashi said. “It originated a couple of years ago when individuals were recognizing the need or the accessibility barriers for menstrual hygiene products.”

Luckily, the campaign was a great success, and TRUSU received roughly 1100 tampons and 1500 pads for United Way, through numerous donations. TRUSU themselves donated 500 tampons and 700 pads and the TRU IT department donated close to the same amount.

Regarding donations, Hayashi said, “we know we had one private donation from someone.” Hayashi added, “we don’t know who that individual is and we also contacted one faculty who was willing to donate, IT services.”

Period Promise has been an ongoing campaign through United Way that is not just collecting menstrual hygiene products, but also advocating for them.

“It kind of spans a large sphere in terms of amalgamating donations, actually doing the advocacy work and contributing to changes in policy that allow individuals to access these products more easily,” Hayashi said. “The Students Union obviously can’t take all the credit, this has been a United Way initiative.”

Currently, TRUSU does not offer free menstrual hygiene products at their members’ services desk, but they hope to one day.

“Down the line, we’re thinking about having opportunities for people to actually pick up free menstrual hygiene products at the desk, but for right now, us just advocating for that availability through TRU is our current phase of it,” Hayashi said. “TRU has been pretty receptive, I know the Library is really on point with providing menstrual hygiene products in all the bathrooms. Like if you go into the men’s washroom too, there are menstrual hygiene products in there which are really cool.”

TRUSU’s equity committee focuses on many things, and menstrual hygiene products are only one piece of the puzzle.

“Part of it is focusing on women’s equity,” Hayashi said. “Part of that involves the accessibility of education through the ability of menstrual hygiene products, ensuring women are represented in fields like STEM, engineering, things like that, so there’s a lot of little pieces that come together.”

Anyone interested in donating to period promise and their movement can check out their website at for more information and how to donate.