Live at TRU: Big Little Lions Rock On Campus

Faculty pays tribute to founder Ron Miles who initiated the series in 1974

Running its 45th year of successful operations, Big Little Lions performed for this month’s Live At TRU series on March 12. The faculty paid tribute to the founder Ron Miles who recently passed away from a long illness. Miles was remembered for his incredible contribution to the fine arts department at TRU. He founded Live at TRU in 1974 and since then wanted to present to the community, especially students, a broad spectrum of performances.

Big Little Lions has been time and again described as the ‘blissful marriage of new folk and sophisticated pop’. The band consists of a duo, Helen Austin and Paul Otten, who come together to produce music regardless of belonging to different countries and backgrounds. 

Despite being divided by distance, the two create music and use the distance and their differences as their strengths. The duo is definitely a sight to see when they perform as they both play multiple instruments as they go. 

Their music is a beautiful mix of folk and pop. The Big Little Lions are recipients of many prestigious music awards. They’ve made the distance work for them. As a little duo working towards bigger things, Big Little Lions do justice to their name and have their audiences cheering and clapping to the songs frequently.

Originally named ‘The Cultural Event Series’, these free mini music concerts attract a lot of attention from the community to TRU and also helps the students cool off from the stress and enjoy a free show between classes. Ron Miles played a huge role in shaping what we call today the fine arts department at TRU. Miles was a performer, an educator and a brilliant leader that will always be remembered by every individual’s lives that he touched.