COVID-19 concerns wreck TRU IDays

The pandemic concerns force TRU to cancel all IDays events expected to bring in large groups

Due to the evolving situation surrounding COVID-19, TRU was forced to postpone two main IDays events including the IDays Wrap Party, Afternoon Delight.

IDays Afternoon Delight, in association with Shambhala Music Festival, boasted an impressive lineup including the Canadian electronic trio, Keys and Krates. Students were evidently disappointed to find the wrap party had been postponed in accordance with federal guidelines that at the time of cancelling limit large gatherings to no more than 250 individuals, guidelines have now extended to prohibiting groups of 50 people; encouraging everyone to avoid any unnecessary public outings. Although IDays party organizers did not comment, The IDays Afternoon Delight Wrap Party’s Instagram insisted the party had just been postponed in a post on Friday (Mar. 13). The account further articulated that the new party, although TBA, will most likely be held at the start of the 2020 fall semester in Sep.

Students were updated on developing COVID-19 concerns via an email sent by TRU’s President, Brett Fairbairn, on Mar. 13. Fairbairn specified that all British Columbians must take action to, “[avoid] all non-essential travel outside of Canada, including the U.S.” As well as, “[limit] large gatherings to no more than 250 people.”

Fairbairn further urged students to continue practicing “good hand hygiene and proper coughing and sneezing etiquette.” He advised students to forgo handshaking, to care for each other and to stay home when feeling ill to help contain the spread of COVID-19. Students were also asked to remain at home, away from school and work for 14 days minimum if unable to avoid travelling outside of Canada.

In a moment of empathy, Fairbairn addressed student anxieties surrounding COVID-19 and the “global pandemic we find ourselves facing.” Fairbairn went on to say that although, “we are anxious, worried for ourselves, our loved ones, [and] our communities.” It is necessary that we remind ourselves that, as health officials have told us, “this will take an ‘all-of-society’ approach to combat.” Fairbairn urged students to think of what they can do to not only protect their own health and safety but to protect the health and safety of one another.

TRU is actively monitoring the COVID-19 issue as it is rapidly changing. Students can visit for more information concerning the virus and have been instructed to keep an eye out for updates. Health Officials have not indicated that school closures are appropriate at this time, although Fairbairn ensured any changes to on-campus arrangements will be communicated to students asap.