TRU Modern Marketing club hosted annual gala

Dan Lok spoke of his business success and shared tips for future business people

Business students the casino themed 2020 gala with guest speakers and ample networking opportunities. (Lisa Chernshova/The Omega)

The Annual Gala organized by the marketing club took place in the Grand Hall of the CAC this year. Tickets for the Gala were sold out very quickly in the days following the announcement of the event.

Raj Soni who is a co-president in the TRU Modern Marketing Club said that it took them almost four months to organize an event like this.

“We were just going around looking for speakers, we reached some speakers in the USA. Dan was kind of a friend with some parents in our club. We kind of networked and networked, and that’s how we got him to come here,” shared Soni.

“How we started, well, we had the idea of what we want to do, what we want from that event, what we want to give people from that event, and then we kind of went into it. Then we started reaching out to the sponsors, and we drafted our idea on how it’s gonna look and work,” said Soni.

Soni said that they aimed for 300 hundred people to attend their event, but then they sold out forty last tickets on the day of the event. Raj Soni also said that this event helps people to network and build connections for their further career.

“Yes, I enjoyed it, it was well-organized, it’s got the right kind of tempo, and mood and people are talking and they’re meeting with each other. It’s a great kind of place to be tonight,” shared Michel Henry, Dean of the School of Business and Economics.

“I don’t know Dan Lok in person, but he has a good reputation, and what the key is for me is that he has been through the trenches. He has what we tell our students entrepreneurship is all about. It isn’t about striking it rich the first time you go out, it is about trial, it is about fast failure, it is about learning from those failures, and picking yourself up, and not getting a bit down, to keep going, learning and becoming better and better at what you do, and he personified that,” said Henry.

Henry also addressed a message to students about an event like this.

“When they’re coming to events like this, they should decide who they want to meet, and they should seek out that person. When they meet people, find out about people who don’t tell them about you, ask them about them and engage that, and then meet as many different people as you can. So yes, get to know them, and maybe exchange cards, and you’re gonna get a contact out of it,” advised Henry.

At the event there were a lot of people from business organizations, there were around three bank employers. One of them K.D Singh, regional manager in the Scotia bank, looks after forty branches in the Interior and Northern BC region.

“I think it’s a good event to come to university, to meet students, to get to know their thoughts. It’s a good opportunity for us to mingle with future entrepreneurs or bankers,” said Singh.

It was the fourth annual Gala, and Julio Viskovich came as a guest of honour this year.

“I think networking is the reason they should come to these events, and having strong goals on what you’re here to do. Whenever you are going up to talk to people is it to get a business card, is to connect on LinkedIn, and then the follow up is equally as important.”

Viskovich shared some recommendations.

Dan Lok gave a wonderful speech, shared his ups and downs, and people got touched by his speech. He is an active video blogger on YouTube, where he shares his experiences in business and entrepreneurship.