TRU’s Actors Workshop Theatre brings Shakespeare to life

The cast impressively showcased the Elizabethian work with practical perfection

The cast impressed the audience with their take on the famous Shakespeare production, A Midsummer Nights Dream. (Elizabeth Nygren/The Omega)

Thompson Rivers University Actors Workshop Theatre wrapped up opening week productions of the well known Shakespearean comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream on campus Feb. 26-29.

For centuries, A Midsummer Night’s Dream has been regarded as one of Shakespeare’s most beloved productions since the first performance of the comedic play around 1596.

TRU’s Actors Workshop Theatre successfully exhibited the well-known tale of four sparing lovers who take refuge in the woods only to find themselves in the middle of a dispute between fairy royalty, ultimately resulting in the four lovers bewitchment.

As the roguish Puck causes havoc in the forest, practically everything goes wrong. Shakespear’s ‘evergreen comedy’ is a tale of order and chaos perfectly juxtaposed against love and fantasy, “it glitters with dramatic poetry and is full of mischief, misunderstanding, and merriment.”

TRU’s Actors Workshop Theatre impressively imparted Elizabethian lines with practical perfection. Very few, if any, missteps occurred and each and every actor and actress embodied their role beautifully.

This embodiment resulted in better audience understanding, as Elizabethian language is sometimes hard to distinguish or grasp therefore making Shakespear’s plays hard to follow for playgoers; the cast obviously grasped the meaning behind each word, therefore successfully conveying that meaning to the audience.

More impressively, the cast conveyed feeling and emotion while flawlessly dictating line after line of Elizabethian tongue twisters.

Each character was incredibly believable and was cast perfectly to fit each role, therefore giving the audience no other option but to buy the cast’s performance.

The cast used the theatre fully to their advantage; sometimes weaving between rows, stumbling over audience members and further encouraging individuals in the front rows to participate. This participatory aspect further entranced those in attendance and added flawlessly to the comedic atmosphere.

In totality, TRU’s Actors Workshop Theatre’s opening week productions of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream was nothing less than a hoot; the theatre was filled with copious amounts of laughter and each and every audience member in attendance left with a smile on their face.

The cast was more than deserving of the standing ovations they received. The production is absolutely worth seeing and could very easily serve as a wonderful way to unwind during any evening this upcoming week.

You can still catch next week’s productions on March 4-7. Make sure to purchase tickets beforehand rather than at the box office, TRU’s Actors Workshop Theatre productions are known to sellout.