Both basketball teams eliminated in the first round of playoffs

The Men’s and Women’s basketball seasons end in early postseason play

The TRU basketball program can hold their heads high considering both the men and women’s team made playoffs after having unsuccessful seasons in previous years. In the 2020 season, the men’s team finished with a record of 11-9, a much better record than their 2019 season record of 6-14.

“I thought we met season expectations.” Head coach Scott Clark said. “Travel at the end of the year might have got us a bit as well the injury to Rojhae Colbert caused us issues.” New signing and key player Rojhae Colbert was injured in the later games of the season. He averaged 24 minutes a game and scored 7.6 points per game.

When asked on what the biggest takeaways of the season were Clark said: “We really just had a great group of guys who put the team first and because of that it was enjoyable to coach them. I like our group moving forward and appreciate what the veteran players provided us.”

The men’s team will have some big shoes to fill as they will miss their fifth year top players Joe Davis, Anton Bilous, Micheal Rouault and Kyrin Cybenko. Coach Clarke will be looking for his younger guys to step up.

“I thought all the 5th year guys really stepped up, the younger guys that we expect to make the jump would be Tyus DeVries and Brendan Sullivan. I think Richard Mageto also made great strides this year.” The coach stated.

The women’s team finished the season with a record of 7-13 again it was much better than their previous 2019 season record of 4-16.

The progress is evident and is partly due to first-year head coach Goran Nogic. However, the coach explains that there is plenty of room for improvement.

“We had seven victories which looks better than previous seasons, however, our game schedule probably was easier this year.” The coach explained. “We had a chance to win some more games but to be honest there were also games which we won that we were close to losing. All in all it was a better season but in my opinion, it did not exceed expectations.”

The women’s team will also be losing their fifth-year star players Emma Piggin and Leilani Carney. Goran Nogic will have to make sure his players will be able to step up to fill their vital roles.

“Our senior players Leilani Carney and Emma Piggin were great on and off the court and they started to change habits for the good of the team, but it would be completely unfair if I didn’t mention how important the everyday determination of freshman Kelsey Cruz and Amira Jansen were,” Nogic stated. “ It was also a very positive season for Jordon Hagerty, Megan Rouault and Jordin Wilkinson. They will be our team pillars for the upcoming season.”

Overall the coach seems happy with his players and making playoffs in your first year as head coach means that the future is bright for the program.

“Even though we played below expectations, I always believe in my team because I know that they are trying their best to help team represent TRU.” emphasized Nogic.

Now the teams will head into offseason. While the coaches will focus on recruiting new talent, the players will focus on fine-tuning their weaknesses and getting ready for the next season which will start in November later this year.