TRU hosts annual Bell Let’s Talk along with other Canadians

Mental Health was the main focus of Bell Lets Talk

Students huddled together outside of Student Street to share a s’more with friends. (Aidan Grether/The Omega)

On Jan. 29, Bell Let’s Talk was organized by TRU’s Wellness Centre for all the students to support them and provide information about different ways to get rid of stress, anxiety or any other issues that may occur from the pressure of studying. The event lasted from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. and gathered a lot of students.

“January is our mental health month at the Wellness Centre, so all of our programs at the Wellness Centre have some sort mental health component and this is our premier event of the mental health month, so that’s why we’re here doing this event. So, we’re trying to get the word out, and to let students know that we’re here for them,” said Joy Demsey

“We’re working with Bell as our sponsor of this event,” explained Demsey.

Demsey and Chelsea Corsi works in the Wellness Centre and supports students, provides them with any help regarding mental health.

Corsi who shared about the connection between Bell and Mental Health week. She explained that Bell runs the campaign that aims to help to create positive change for people living with mental health issues.

The given campaign aims to encourage people to share their mental health issues, and to force the hashtag sharing throughout different social networks. All the money raised goes to mental health organizations.

“Bell Let’s Talk, we have been running for four years, it’s our third campus fire. So, it’s just a way to draw people in and to have fun outside with serious topics like mental illness and mental health. So, it’s been very well-received, people love it, we love to be able to chat with students and offer them some support,” said Corsi.

As Chelsea explained it was a one-day event, but they going to host a lot of other events throughout the year.

“For example, Mondays we offer Tai Chi, Tuesdays we offer mindfulness meditation, next week we’re launching wellness in the house. So, we’re having every other Wednesday, the counsellors are coming, and do like an hour talk,” described Corsi.

Also, she noticed that they are launching a campaign that will help students that have anxiety.

TRU’s Wellness Centre works throughout the semester to support students and to help with their mental health.