The Kamloops Arts Council has something for everyone

The KAC opens a new exhibition, ‘Creative Alchemy’ and is accepting applications for more

On Jan. 31, the Kamloops Arts Council had an opening reception for a new exhibition titled ‘Creative Alchemy’. This exhibition included the work of three artists, Debbie Lund, Stefanie Travers, and Candice Camille, all having a focus around horses.

Each artist works in a similar theme, but all have their own style and in some cases different mediums. Lund and Travers both work with oil paints, but Travers also works with acrylic paints. Camille specializes in photography, differing herself from the other two artists.

This exhibition came together because of Lund. She had originally wanted to do a solo show at the KAC, but there was a two-year wait until she would be able to. Lund had accepted this, but quickly afterwards, the KAC had let her know that there was a cancellation and that she could be moved up. As this was unexpected, Lund had not been prepared and decided to ask her fellow artists to join her for the show.

Although these artists were all friends, they didn’t realize how lucky they were to find a similar theme in their artwork. All the artists specialize in western themes and horses, which made the exhibition cohesive in nature.

‘Creative Alchemy’ will be running at the Old Courthouse Cultural Centre until Feb. 22. Soon afterwards, a new regional exhibition will be opening called ‘Art Exposed’.

‘Art Exposed’ is a regional exhibition for artists local to the Thompson-Nicola Regional District, and anyone is able to submit their artwork. Terri Hadwin, Executive Director for the Kamloops Arts Council described the event.

“It is a juried art show where the people that are putting their artwork in the exhibit have the opportunity to win prizes,” Hadwin said. “The artwork will range from two dimensional to three dimensional and then they award within those categories emerging and established, first and second prizes. There’s also a youth category too.”

For most, this is their first time submitting artwork to be in an exhibition and it can be a great opportunity.

Hadwin said, “The history of it was that it was asked by our memberships to do something like this so we felt that this is something we could do to support them and get their artwork out there.” She added that “It can also be very scary for some artists because they’re putting themselves out there for the very first time but it’s nice to know that you’re not the only first-timer.”

The awards will be announced at the opening reception on March 6, 2020, and the exhibition will close on March 14, 2020. There will also be an addition to this event called ‘Taste Exposed’, where restaurants can submit their tasty treats and supporters at the opening reception can vote for their favourites.

People are welcome to visit the exhibitions for free, and a majority of the art is for sale. Those wishing to submit artwork for ‘Art Exposed’ must submit their application by Feb. 14, 2020. There is a small fee to submit, and this application can be completed online or at the Old Courthouse Cultural Centre. The centre is open regularly from Tuesday to Friday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.