TRUSU HR Club hosts its first event to challenge students

Students tried their hand with case competition with speaker Janelle Aaker

The winning team of the Case Competition, judges and the guest speaker Janelle Aaker. (Lisa Chernyshova/ The Omega)

The TRU’s relatively new HR Club held its first special event on Jan. 24.

The event took place in the Mountain Room where the dinner was served by the Aramark catering services.

At the beginning of the event, some of the HR Club members gave a congratulating speech to all of those who took part in the Case Competition earlier over the day and thanked all the judges.

After all the attendees enjoyed a wonderful dinner, HR Club members invited Janelle Aaker to give an awaited speech.

Aaker gave a presentation and a speech where she told her personal story of success.

She has a degree in Environmental Ethics & Policy from the University of Portland, as well as she got a graduate diploma from Environmental History from the University of St. Andrews Scotland. Aaker worked at Nike for nine years in different positions. And currently, Aaker holds a position of the VP, Global Diversity & Inclusion in the Lululemon Athletica. The major notion of her presentation that she suggested following for all the HR specialists, “Keep the Human in Human Resources”.    

“I think the case Competition was, you know the students did a really great job, and their presentations and their thought process and I were very pleased, and I enjoyed the effort, and I enjoyed myself being a judge. I’ve judged other case competitions in other universities, but the first time here, and it was very enjoyable. I thought its very warm welcoming here, which made me feel very good,” commented Aaker.

Also, no matter the fact that Janelle has a degree in the different fields she said advised students to try their chances in different fields, as they may fight their success in something opposite of what they were studying.

“It really depends on what they want to do, if they can get an internship or a job in the HR field great! I always recommend HR professionals should also have experience in the business. From my experience, I’m a better HR professional because I also worked in Sales and Marketing. So, I know what it’s like when you first come out of college you might not get the job you have in mind, but if you hoping to realize into it, you should be open to any opportunity you going to gain something from it, there is something to learn, there is no waste of time, and just really be open-minded to whatever it might be, it might take you into the path you never excepted,” advised Aaker to new HR graduates.

Joe Hoang the president of the TRU Human Resource Management Club noticed that it took them quite a time to get ready for the HR Case Competition.

“If you’re new to TRU or if you have been here for a while and you haven’t heard from TRU club, feel free to come to join us! We’re always open to anyone who is interested in HR, or who wants to come and learn more about the HR,” Hoang invited all those interested TRU students.

“I think it was a very successful event,” said Vince Watson, Social Media and Events Coordinator School of Business and Economics.

“What we tried to do is to try closely with our students’ clubs, particularly that operate under the School of Business and Economics, we see it as the mutual benefit for both our faculty as well as our clubs, helping them to promote their events through social media,” shared Watson.

“We have been working with HR Club since October and November, they’ve got in touch pretty early for this event, and they’ve been very proactive about just planning ahead.”    

These groups who won in the case competition received the prize of a trip to Edmonton.

After the dinner, everyone wanted to personally thank Aaker and to say how they’ve appreciated her coming and her personal story of success.