TRU Pakistani students welcomes new students with Istakbal Festival

The TRUSU Pakistani Students Association organized the Istakbal Fest on Jan. 25, to welcome the new students and familiarize them with some old faces on campus. The event started with a few ice-breaking activities where the participants were asked to mingle and remember each other’s names until the final round.

Students dressed up in traditional and ethnic clothing. The event was not only open to Pakistani students but everyone. The participants belonged from different countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Canada, Oman, Kuwait, Dubai and Vietnam. The evening furthered with live dance and music performances.

The students were also invited to indulge in a fun game of passing the parcel where everyone forms a circle and passes around a prop while the music plays and as soon as the music stops the person that is caught with the prop has to leave the game and/or perform whatever the other participants demand. The TRUSU PSA also managed to surprise their guests with halal food from Popeye’s Kitchen and special brownies that came labelled with the beautiful flag of Pakistan.

Welcome events like these not only help the new students break the ice and lose the stress but also help different cultures come together as one and co-exist in peace and vibrantly. The TRUSU PSA is emerging as one of the most promising and active clubs at TRU this year. To keep in touch and follow more of their updates they can be followed on Instagram at @trusu_pakistani or via email at