Finance made simple with expert opinions at Finance Unplugged

Students got a chance to learn the ABC’s of the present-day finance market and get involved in an informal chat with the experts

The TRU career education department organized the Finance Unplugged night on Jan. 21, where they invited six representatives posted at white and blue-collar jobs to mingle with students and answer their queries.

The representatives belonged from companies like KPMG, Horizon North and FIT Financial Kamloops and a few of them were even graduates from when TRU was called Cariboo College or Cariboo College University.

When looked at from a student’s point of view, events like these play a very important role in how students plan and support their future in the respective fields that they want to enter. Students not only got a chance to ask questions from the experts but also were given time to chat with them personally once the event was over.

The representatives had different perspectives on similar questions and that’s what made it even more informative. The experts advised the students to update their resumes regularly and to edit and revise it before they apply for a new job.

Social media plays an active role in most markets today and especially when it comes to hiring new employees.

Where students are advised to research and stay updated with the firm that they’re applying for a job with, they were also cautioned to maintain their own social media and check their facts before they post. There have been a lot of cases where very well-deserving candidates have been refused a job offer because a remark they posted online did not align with the company’s morals and values.

Students were introduced to the different kinds of examinations related to the field of finance and banking that they must start preparing for once they’re in the final semester of their degree. Events like these not only build a student’s confidence to actually get out there but also boosts and strengthens their perspective about their goal by clearing all doubts and questions.